18 March 2010

Seattle Aquarium

Last week we were in Seattle for Wiz's surgery. Monday afternoon was completely busy with pre-surgery appointments, but we had the morning free. One of the things we try to do is make these sorts of days balance: some unpleasant activities, but some pleasant things too. We went to the Seattle Aquarium with both of the boys. Game Boy and the Collar had never gone, but Wiz and I had. It's a really neat place. There are all sorts of Pacific creatures: fish, birds, aquatic mammals.

Game Boy took a lot of video. He decided it would be part of his homework for science class.
We saw lobsters (this one's particularly pretty)nudibranchs (because they are cool)

and a very annoyed looking bird. We had a good time--and the boys had a better day. When Wiz was released, we went to the zoo (we rented a wheelchair). However, that will be another post.

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