29 January 2008

A Haiku

His belly is pink
He itches, scratches and squirms.
Back we go to test.

--They're back. Marvelous. Technically, we can wait until next week to worry about it.

28 January 2008

Academic Team

Game Boy's Academic Team was on fire today! They were very good. Game Boy's team did so well that all four of them were pulled out after the half. He's happy--they've won the last two matches. He answers a lot of the math and science questions, and he's a very good captain. He doesn't blurt out answers and he's calm about talking to his teammates.

He's about half way through Academic Team, now. It's good, because the poor kid has way too many activities he's in. (He loves them all. As long as he's happy, and his grades stay high, we'll let him continue.)

The other thing today was the IEP meeting. Needless to say, The Wiz still qualifies for services. He'll be continuing in speech, we are starting OT for handwriting, he will be working with the resource teacher in class, he's delayed in several key areas (not academics) and we need to have some evaluations. He is very bright, and that is probably allowing him to keep up instead of falling behind. He's a good kid, and except for the wiggling and incessant talking, not a behavior problem at all. I wish something would be easy for him.

27 January 2008

Nearly February

That means it's almost time for spring training and BASEBALL. We don't play here at Clever Name (we play soccer), but the boys love it.

Anyway...last night we went to Fayette Mall to see some baseball players that were doing the Southern Caravan. We spent most of the time doing this:
We arrived about 6:25 pm and left around 8:45 pm. I amused my self by taking pictures. A favorite one is this:Game Boy tried to make me miss the shot, but I got it anyway! I have other pictures, some where he's in them, some of his hand.

The Wiz managed to meet Mr. Redlegs, who not only gave him a hug, but picked him up.Eventually, they made their way to the players, the manager, and a few other people in the Reds organization. One of Game Boy's favorite players, Ryan Freel was there. The Wiz was given a lot of attention from everyone because he was riding on The Collar's shoulders. If you ask the Wiz, sometimes, it's nice to be small. Both of the boys are happy. All three have autographs.

25 January 2008

The Other Friday Thing

This is what The Wiz looks like when he's waiting for the infusion to finish:If you look carefully, you can see his tubing. It's inserted into his upper thigh. The kid has very little fat, but there's a little bit on his thighs. I wish I had so little.

Yes, he's a bit pale. He's slightly anemic. A new "weirdness" for his list of hematological oddities. We're upping his iron rich food and adding vitamins with iron. It will be fine.

Squirrel Time

I must be anxious and/or nervous. I am finishing things up very quickly. My hands are cold, LittleMy gave me some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino (two skeins, different colors) and so...I have a pair of fingerless mitts. I made a wrist length pair of Evangelines. I started them yesterday, because I left the socks I'm supposed to be working on in The Collar's car. That's the last of the three things that I'm trying to finish before the end of this month.

I really need to make regular ones, some time. I really need a pair that covers my fingers! It's been a lot colder this winter than usual. I want to make a pair that have a flip top. There's that alpaca...

Today's SCIG day, so I need to get moving on that.

22 January 2008

Another Snow Day

At least there's snow this time.

Actually, on my trip north to teach this morning (which I didn't--the computer never came and I only had four students), there were at least 2 cars flipped over on my route. There were others, and lots of wrecks.

See, yesterday was a holiday, and they didn't treat the roads/highways. Even though it is above freezing, there's a thin layer of ice underneath the snow. Not good.

21 January 2008

Stick a fork in it...

I'm done!

I finished something, but I'm not telling you what. Here is a peek:If you know what it is, great! Just don't say anything in the comments, please!

20 January 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It was 3F (-16C) this morning when I woke up at 7:30 am.

I don't care where you are from, that's cold. No, I don't want to hear about how warm it is where you are, or how cold it is either. I want to get back to our normal temperatures--I hate winter.

It's so cold that Game Boy, the boy who wears shorts all of the time, is wearing not just jeans, but a long sleeved shirt, too. But no socks. Because that might not be cool.

17 January 2008


It started with the dog refusing to get out of bed. Maisie sleeps under the covers with us, and decided that today she WAS NOT getting up. It's not easy to make the bed with the dog moving the covers.

Then we discovered that the boys had a snow day. We had no snow...but apparently that's optional. I did not have a snow day. I got to drive up to Lexington.

I taught class, and one student remarked that I was remarkably awake this early in the morning. I can teach this class asleep. I do listen to NPR on the way into school, so I can always toss in relevant current events so I'm not completely sleepwalking my way through class. I do not tell him any of that, however. I do tell him that I've had 1/2 pot of coffee by the time I start teaching!

Tag team parenting--I came home, The Collar went to work. Luckily, we ban television most days (even when they are sick), so a weekday watching tv is a treat. I was able to check on my online classes.

I made cookies (quinoa peanut butter) because the gluten free cake I thought I made, wasn't. The cookies were pretty good, but not as good as my usual peanut butter cookies.

I did one more load of laundry. Tomorrow I get to fold it! (I lead such an exciting life.)
We ate lunch. The Wiz adores homemade pimento cheese, but kept trying to beg a bite of my Pad Thai.

The boys cleaned the play room (a huge task) and I cleaned all pet cages except for Sparky's.

Then it was time for the Wiz and I to go to his allergist appointment. His lungs sound great (the antibiotics are doing their job) and he still has hives. It's been almost two weeks. On the bright side, once your skin gets into the hive mode, it can take four weeks for the skin to stop reacting. This may not sound like a good thing, but trust me, it is. It means it could be a viral rash, and he'll eventually stop. Now, if he has hives in February, then I'll worry, and so will Dr. O. I remember to ask for samples! Yes! It truly helps with costs. The Wiz takes five daily meds, four of which are asthma/allergy related. Then he has one as needed for asthma, the SCIG that's once weekly, and the various antibiotics he goes on and off. So, yes, two months of Nasonex really does matter.

After that, we went to Michael's to see what kind of craft supplies The Wiz wants for his birthday. (It's only a month away.) He wants beads, paint, clay, and a few other items. He loves to make things.

Tonight's choir night, so we went there. The Collar took Game Boy and P to rehearsal from our house. I worked on a sock, and helped someone else with her sock. The Collar went to budget hearings. I took the boys to their homes, and then ate my own dinner.

Now I'm doing this. I'm tired (so's The Collar!). I want to not wake up early tomorrow too. What do you think The Collar would do if Maisie and I stage a sleep in? I made the boys their lunch already. It's not like they'll need me. :)

16 January 2008


It's blocked and dry and ready to wear. It was chilly yesterday, but sunny. Game Boy took pictures for me. So while they aren't artsy shots or anything, I still think that he did a good job of showing the shawl. He's learning to use my camera quite well.
It was a really easy pattern. So easy I got bored. Luckily, the fingerless gloves I'm working on do NOT have that problem.

14 January 2008

Poor Wiz.

Last night, I heard whimpering from the Wiz's room. I went in, and he's covered head to toe in big, red itchy hives. We've got pictures, but those are for the various doctors he now must see.

These were worse than last week's. I took him to see the ped, and he says allergy, but not to IG, because the reaction was over 48 hours, and that should have happened between 12 and 24. However, he "almost" has bronchitis, so he's back on antibiotics. (He will develop bronchitis--he always does. This is one of the reasons his GI really thought he had CF.) Game Boy was supposed to see the allergist on Thursday, but doesn't need to, so I have to call and ask them to see The Wiz instead of Game Boy, and cancel The Wiz's appointment the following week or so. We'll see what the allergist says.


He's now had bronchitis twice this fall/winter. It's only January. He's now missed 6 days of school, too.

Edited: His lymphs are low. Maybe next week we'll run a CBC since he has his well child check up then.

13 January 2008


Remember those three things I was going to finish? One is done. I finished Blossom during our church's annual meeting. (I hate those--being married to the Vicar doesn't help. Somehow everyone thinks I am going to tell them what The Collar is going to say. Um, no.)

I did make a few changes to the pattern. I only did 13.5 repeats and only did 3 garter stitch rows for the end. It's bigger than the pattern said it would be--it's the same tip to tip (68 inches) but 6 inches longer from top to point, 31 inches. I knit it in Fleece Artist Mermaid. I was going to knit myself socks from that yarn, but I like this better. (Thanks LC! It's yarn from you!) I like that it is longer. It's blocking right now, so maybe there will be better pictures (on a non-busy background) later.I can't get a picture of it all at once, so this will have to do. Maybe I'll get blocking wires if I knit more lace.
This is a close up of the stitch pattern. I did make mistakes, but I was able to fix them in such a way that it shouldn't be noticeable. I think I'd enjoy a more complex pattern more. I became very bored with this pattern.

I'm doing pretty well--it's only the 13th of January, and I've finished two knitting projects already. I'm trying to be a more monogamous project knitter again. It's how I started out, and i finished things more quickly then. Of course, I don't usually have too many projects going at once.

(Edited to add: I cast on for this shawl on September 24. I knit a bunch of things in the mean time, but wow, it took me a long time!)

11 January 2008


I have actually kept up with this for over 2 years now. Wednesday marked the second year of blogging, and today's post will make 300. I can't believe that I have actually kept this up that long. I have also been a pretty regular poster. Even if I see my family rarely, they can at least see pictures of the boys (and dogs, and stuff I've made, and places we've gone, and...).

I'm going to be knitting monogamously for awhile. I am tired of Blossom, and I want it completed. I have only three more repeats to do, so if I work on it today and tomorrow, maybe I'll be ready to block it. Do you want to see what Blossom looks like?I'm working on the two Yuck-It's-Winter gifts, but not much. I've been busy with my classes. Speaking of classes, my 8:00 am class talks! They have opinions, and they give them. It makes class so much more fun.

09 January 2008

Finish ME!

I am going to finish up 3 items before I am going to knit something for me (pop top mittens--my hands are cold).

1. The Blossom Shawl--I have only 5 more repeats left and it's finished. I like the way it looks, but it's boring for me to knit. I hope to finish it by this weekend.

2. Another pair of The Collar socks--but they aren't for the Collar. I knit a pair of these for my FIL and now I'm knitting a pair for BIL. He knows I'm knitting him socks. If he's reading this, I had to change the yarn. One skein of yarn was so tangled that I gave up untangling it after 5 hours. Game Boy has now claimed that yarn for fingerless gloves.

3. A pair of fingerless mitts for SIL. (I have yarn, it's wound, I haven't cast on yet. I'll do that soon, to give my hands a break from size 1 dpns.)

(BTW, The Wiz's hives finally seem to be subsiding. We hope!)

07 January 2008

Schedule? What Schedule?

Well, last week, I was scheduled for three online classes, plus a lecture class MWF at 1:00pm. But then...

Friday, I was scheduled for three online classes (with people begging to get in) and NO lecture classes. WOOT! I get flexibility and I get to stay home! It makes dealing with the Collar's schedule easier. (Gas costs too much anyway.) Too good to be true eh?

As of 11:00 this morning, I'm teaching three online classes, and a TR 8:00 am class. No one but me is willing to teach 8:00 am classes. I wonder why? With only 2 days driving up to Lexington, I will make money out of the deal (and I'll be finished by 9:15 so I can run my errands and still be home by noon on TR). Of course, I'm going to have to teach on my birthday again this year.

This means that the IEP meeting I made them reschedule from today at 11:30 am to January 22 at 8:30 am isn't one I can attend now. Because I'm now teaching at that time. So, I'm making the Collar go. He should experience one of these sometime. (I only think this because I've had the "pleasure" of going to all of the other ones.) (IEP meetings stink on ice. Ours are always in January, and even though they are relatively painless compared to some I've heard about, they are still painful.)

I will have a schedule as of tomorrow.

Of course, now The Wiz has hives. Where did those come from? What's he allergic to now? Does it have anything to do with his cough?

Edited to add: the irony of the adds about giant gift bows and wrapping paper are quite amusing. I'm pretty sure that my blog post was about NOT USING THEM!

05 January 2008

First Project Finished

I finished the last of the five original Christmas present socks yesterday. They are socks for the Collar in Knit Picks Essential Pumpkin. I knit them on size 1 needles. I am knitting two more presents, but I think they are going to be for yuck it's winter, rather than any real occasion.

I finished this pair yesterday, during a long wait having my brakes fixed and then waiting for The Wiz's SCIG to finish. I finished the instep on one sock and then completed both toes. I kitchenered and wove in ends while I was waiting with the Wiz.
I think that my next project is going to be a pair of convertible mittens for me. I have that beautiful alpaca that the BBFs gave me awhile ago...

Edited to add: Here's the direct link to the page for donations for SDA.

04 January 2008

The Side Bar

A quick note on the new "thing" on my sidebar.

Parade Magazine (you may receive this on Sundays in your newspaper) is having a contest for charities. They are giving the ten charities who have the most donors by January 31 $50,000. As you may know, Shwachman Diamond Syndrome is on NORD's list of rare diseases. There aren't that many patients, and it is relatively an unknown disease. It did get some press recently on Discovery Health's Mystery Diagnosis.

This is the genetic disorder that the Wiz has. It took us about 18 months for a diagnosis, and it was a pretty scary path to diagnosis. Maybe I'll write that up for you later.

If you have $10 (or more!) to spare, please consider clicking on the button at right and donating. There is also a link to SDA if you want to learn more about what the Wiz has.

Thanks for your patience!

03 January 2008

I'll keep him.

I'm not the only one around here who makes things.The Collar made a pot rack. It's really nice to have--but I think I need nicer cookware!

We've decided that we are going to do things to this house before we get it ready to sell. This was one of those projects we'd been talking about and finally did. That's why I finally made curtains this year, too.

02 January 2008

No School

Do you want to see how much snow we need to get out of school? I guarantee you'll be amazed.
Yes, the grass is sticking up through the snow. It is very cold for here, though. It's 10 degrees Fahrenheit right now so, the roads are pretty bad. We do live in a very rural county, so it would be bad for the buses. (There's not really even an inch out there.)

01 January 2008

Happy 2008!

This year will be wonderful. It will be full of changes and adventures, and we will all be healthy and happy this year, I pray. It already started off well--the snow meant we could all go get blizzards for 1/2 price!

Now, if only we have school tomorrow. (It's snowing, and sticking. The boys get out for almost no reason.)

Random picture: Game Boy built this from his lego kit he received for Christmas from G & G. It took him two days. It opens up and rolls droids out and is generally really, really cool.