30 September 2006

Less Rain

so we managed to have both boys' soccer games. Hurray! L's team lost, big time, but on the bright side, L managed to play and get up every time he was knocked down. I'm really proud of him--he usually wants me to pull him out of the game when he falls down, but not today.

M's game was also a blow out, but M's team was the one scoring all the goals. They won 7 to 0. M, who is usually a fullback, played offense for a little while and scored a goal! He hasn't scored a goal since he was in U7, so this was huge. I've never seen him so excited. He truly loves to play, and I'm glad that he is able to do so. On the not so bright side, it was cold and rainy, but, we still were able to see him play.

I finally was paid. It makes paying bills much more comfortable.

I have finished both heels on M's socks. On to the feet.

I have also finished the fold-over cuff on the second kilt stocking. I really do like that pattern.

While I'm on Fall Break, I'm going to knit a pair of children's socks (probably for a girl) for the SDS Tea/Silent Auction. I don't think that I'll have time to do much else for it, but I'll be sending at least the baby sweater and a pair of socks.

Don't expect to hear from me until Friday. This week will be crazy busy--Monday is a lab practical day, Thursday is more tests, and I'll be spending the week grading lab notebooks. Yeehaw. However, in only 7 more days, I'll be on Fall Break. I really hope that I get to sleep in a few times.

26 September 2006

Half and Half

Today has been one of those kind of days. Some of it has been really great, while other parts are not so much fun. The great things in my mind have outweighed the bad things, but one of those bad things will start looming in my mind in a little while.

One of the bad things is the stupid insurance company (I'm not naming names, because they all do the most ridiculous things). They have denied payment to the ER doctor who took care of M when he broke his wrist. Why, you may be asking. They have decided (with no supporting documentation, whatsoever) that M's broken wrist was the result of a motor vehicle accident. The type of break he sustained is 99% of the time caused by a child falling and catching himself and breaking the wrist. I have called them at least 4 times because they have denied payment to the hospital, the orthopedist, the orthopedist on the follow up visit (?!), and the ER doctor. The last time, the poor customer service person flagged the account and swore that all of the bills would be paid. I guess she missed one. : ( I'm siccing B on them this time.

The other one is that I made the appointment for L's preop doctor's appointment for his annual bone marrow aspiration and biopsy. It's coming and we still haven't finished paying off last year's.

My students are grumbling about the next exam. It's never to early to complain!

The good outweighs the bad. It doesn't always, but it certainly did today. Actually, most of the time it does.

First, B let me sleep in this morning. I didn't wake up (well, get out of bed) until 8:00 this morning. Lovely! I really needed it, because we've been short on sleep around here. There are so many things we must do, and sleep gets shorted. Adding to that, I don't sleep well anyway, and haven't for awhile. I'm just always tired. But not today!

Second, the weather is still clear enough that I was able to ride my bicycle after I came home from teaching. 15 miles in 56 minutes. This means my average speed on my "hilly" route is now 15.9 mph. Yeah! Being able to exercise and spend time outside always makes me happy.

Third, today secret pals were assigned. It's fun to make a package of things for someone else, and it's always fun to receive surprise packages in the mail. My downstream pal seems like an interesting person. My upstream has an interesting sense of humor. This is good, because my sense of humor is also, ahem, interesting.

Oh, and I will be finally receiving my first paycheck in 3 days! Yes, I do eventually get paid. We plan on splurging on dinner.

22 September 2006


I am not allowed to knit anything for me right now. In the last week, I've cast on for two things for me (a pair of fingerless gloves to wear at work and a shawl today) only to have things go horribly wrong. In other words, both were frogged. Sigh.

However, I can cast on and knit things for other people. I am already working on a sweater for B, kilt hose for P, and Pawley's socks for M. I wanted to start something that I can finish quickly. All of my projects right now are a little slow. Sweaters for adults grow slowly. The kilt hose are fun, but complicated. I am only working on M's socks when I am waiting for other people or class to start. I cast on this evening for another 5 hour baby sweater. I'm already 1/3 of the way through it, and it is going very well. It's obviously not for me. : ) It's been nice to knit, watch SciFi channel, and feel a nice cool breeze coming in the window.

Today was supposed to be a soccer day. I had to cancel practice, because it was raining (complete with thunder and lightening) and the fields were under water. It's hard to play soccer when the ball floats. M didn't have practice, either, for the same reason. Tomorrow M is supposed to play in Boyle county, so I'll have to drop him off for a ride. L's playing in Berea (if the fields aren't under water). The weather doesn't appear to be promising, so we shall see.
B is at the DOK (which spell check keeps insisting should be DORK) retreat at the Cathedral Domain. Poor man is the only man there. Maybe he'll have more appreciation for my life (as the only female at our house)!

21 September 2006


We are finally having some real fall weather. You know, the kind of temperatures that mean you can't dress appropriately for the whole day? The kind where in the morning you need long pants, sweaters, and the like, but afternoons where you'd expire from the heat if you actually wore them.

That kind of weather. I actually like this kind of weather (the sky is so very blue when it's clear) because I love snuggling in the blankets at night. It's even kind of nice to sit on the porch waiting for the boys' bus to come while clutching a hot cup of coffee (at 6:45 every morning). It means that it's even a good time for knitting, because the warm wool in my lap won't stick to me.

But the tomatoes are looking scraggly, and the eggplant looks tired. The squash, however, looks great. The zinnias are still amazing, and my 3 year old mums are getting ready to bloom. The cosmos plants might be getting weedy, but the are still producing beautiful flowers. All in all, it's a really nice time of year.

Knitting is happening, but not as much. I am exhausted by the time I come home on MW, so those nights are when I shut off my brain. On Tuesday, I decided to take a bike ride instead (I rode 15.4 miles at almost 16 mph) as the time is coming when I can't ride outside because of cold-induced bronchiospasm. Even so, M's sock is coming along, I have 1/2 of a cuff repeat left on kilt hose #2, and B's sleeves are getting bigger. I want to finish up a project or two because I have some charity knitting to do. When January comes, I'm knitting for me for awhile (yes, I am that selfish) and nobody else (unless I have to knit socks for L out of scraps or something).

Anyway, it's almost the weekend for me. I have a single class today and I finish up tomorrow at 9:50 am.

And it's now only 7 days until I get a paycheck.

17 September 2006

Sorta Kinda Lazy Sunday

It means that we were able to watch the Bengals game on television and a bunch of Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes. How fun! No soccer games today. (While I did all of this, I folded laundry and vacuumed, too. Not a completely lazy day, but as close as we get right now.)

I made the first batch of chili of the fall today. It was still too hot for chili, but it was good anyway. I made it with ground bison for the first time. We're trying to eat soup/stew on Sundays so that it's easy to make sure B has a hot, not overcooked dinner when he gets back from All Saints on Sunday evenings.

I have finished the leg/cuff of M's sock and started sock leg #2. I'll need it tomorrow so I can knit it while I proctor my students during their exam. I've also started the cuff on the kilt stocking, so I'm getting there. The sweater arms are growing and the fingerless gloves are frogged. (I didn't like the fabric and the needles I need are in a different project. Oh well.)

Three more weeks and it's time for fall break! Hooray. Even better (and sooner!) I get paid in 12 more days.

15 September 2006

Ooooh, pretty!

Today, we had some sunshine. Some was the normal kind, so we managed to have soccer practices. I was also able to take a picture of this:
a zinnia from my garden here at home. I also had a few good pictures of the cosmos, which we are probably going to cut down--they have gotten completely weedy and are hiding other flowers in the garden. There are even day lilies blooming again!

The other sunshine came in the mail. My very generous secret pal sent me a gift in two parts, which came today. I'm so lucky--today was a good day to get a present! It is over 1300 yards of Merino Laceweight by Skacel yarn. Italian yarn--and it is just beautiful. Since my very lovely secret pal is not the type to give yarn, but no ideas on what to do with it, she also sent me a lovely book--Folk Shawls, to go with my lovely new yarn. I feel that I need to knit a different shawl first though so I can do the yarn justice! It's a beautiful color--it is red in the sun, and a deep, deep red inside. I love it. Thank you so much, Ril Gania!

14 September 2006


Things are often better in the mornings. This morning was good because B let me sleep until 7. Even though it is another gray morning, it's still nice to be able to just take my time getting ready for the day. (My only Thursday class isn't until 11:00) I won't be riding my bicycle part way today (I hate to ride in the rain), but that's okay.

I started a pair of fingerless gloves for myself last night. I'm cold at work when I work on the computer, so I could use a pair. They are striped, so they will be a cheerful spot of color during the gloomy winter days ahead. I decided that it doesn't hurt to have an easy small project (B's sweater is easy, just not small) to have to work on here at home.

This afternoon will be busy. M has another dental appointment (when they filled his last cavity, they found another one on the other side). The poor boy doesn't seem to have gotten my teeth. The only reason I have any cavities (I have two: one in each incisor) is because of the damage to the enamel from hyperemesis gravidarium during the pregnancy with L. We aren't sure what else to do to help M. The dentist doesn't think it is a brushing problem or diet problem. It is just a problem.

Wish us luck. This week is pictures for the two soccer teams. I hate that day.

13 September 2006


Wednesdays are one of my long, long days. Just in case you want to know what it is like:

5:45 am. Wake up call. Take a shower, because it helps to wake me up.
6:00 am. Try to figure out what to wear without turning on lights to really wake up drowsing B.
6:10 am. Make coffee, go outside and get the newspaper, and figure out what I'm going to eat for breakfast. (Harder than you think--you eat breakfast without any wheat products!)
6:15 am. Listen to the boys start getting ready as B has gotten them out of bed.
6:20 am. Eat breakfast. Pour a cup of coffee for B and for me.
6:30 am. Tell L he needs to find his shoes so he can eat something before he has to get on the bus.
6:40 am. M has eaten and has his school stuff together. L is dawdling.
6:45 am. Outside for the bus.
6:50 ish am. The bus has come, and I need to leave.
7:30-7:45 or thereabouts: I make it into school. I might have time to check my e-mail, I might not.
8:00 am. Teach first class. (This is a small class, and they like to talk. It really helps!)
9:00 am. Teach second class (in a different classroom, natch!).
10:00 am. Go over to the office suite. Check e-mail. Read over today's lab. Read the lecture outline for tomorrow and take notes. Check e-mail. Grade stuff. (Today: tons of grading. But I'm caught up now.) Maybe I'll knit on ____ sock while I read the lab and lecture material.
Noonish: Eat lunch, tell nursing students I have no idea to whom they need to speak about anything. (Really, I don't.)
1:00 pm. Go into lab and make sure I know where everything the students need is. Type up what the students need to do today and for the next lab.
1:30 pm. Teach lab #1.
3:30pm. Tell students that they are finished now (even if they aren't). Kick them out.
3:35 pm. Put all equipment back where it belongs so lab #2 can find equipment as they need it.
4:00 pm. Teach lab #2.
6:00 pm. Kick students out of lab.
6:00ish. Walk to car.
6:45 or so. Walk back into the house (Except for today--I had to meet B at church and pick up the boys there). Eat dinner (thankful that B cooks on M&W). Help L with homework.
7:30 pm. Start making the boys get ready for bed.
7:40 pm. Give L his nighttime meds.
7:42 pm. Read a chapter to the boys. (We are reading Peter and the Starcatchers right now. Sadly, we have to wait for the final Gregor the Overlander Book.)
8:00 pm. Collapse. Thank my lucky stars that I've finished my second long day of the week and I don't have another really long day until Monday. (Mondays are much the same--but worse, because it's a Monday.)
10:00 pm. Finally go to bed. Tomorrow is an early day too.
Anyway, I am tired and crabby right now. I just want to watch TV and knit something for me--but I have three active projects right now and none are for me. I'm too tired to work on the kilt hose (too much concentration needed for the cuff) and M's socks are the take to work and knit when I'm not busy socks. I just don't feel like working on the sleeves for B's sweater right now. Yup, I'm certainly whiny today. Part of it is that B is at church showing The Gospel of John (it came out at the same time as The Passion of the Christ, but didn't get the audience although it probably should have) for the adult christian formation class and I haven't seen him all day. The other part is I'm just tired--and there's no real break in sight. Ugh.

08 September 2006

The Good, The Funny, and the Annoying

The Good:

Maisie is still really cute.

I was able to ride my bicycle to work yesterday from the bike shop. It was a little hot, but it is so nice not to have to be stuck in the UK/BCTC traffic. Besides, it's a pain to find a parking space in our lot at 10:30 am. Using the panniers really cools down the ride.

The transportation department finally gave L his harness to wear on the bus.

I cast on for the second kilt hose stocking and for a sock for M, just like B's socks.

My 8:00 class is fun--they ask questions, make comments, and crack jokes. It really helps at 8:00 in the morning.

Choir started last night.

It's not raining (yet!) so maybe we will get soccer practices in today.

The Funny:

Maisie seems to think it is her job to herd Murfy into the crate. Then, she runs out, as she's not a sheep, you know.

M has begun referring to her at the Maisinator.

L is always funny. His latest idea was that we (the whole family) should go to the Chinese buffet, and the boys will have Chinese food and I will just eat ice cream. He couldn't understand why Daddy thought that it might not be such a great plan. (Ice cream is good--but it would be hard to resist the Chinese food!)

The Annoying:

My stupid car now won't unlock on the driver's side door with the key. So, I can't lock it, because the passenger side front door won't open from the outside. It will lock and unlock, though. The two rear doors have to be manually locked and unlocked, so that doesn't help. I could crawl through the hatch, but that's just ridiculous. So what I really want to drive is one of these, but in red, of course. Not that it is going to happen, but I can wish.

Even more annoying is the fact that B had another wreck. This is the third one since we've moved here, the second one in front of our house, and the second one for his beloved Montero. None of these have been his fault. In fact, the police reports all basically say that driver 2 was minding his own business when driver 1 hit him. The first wreck was the crazy spider lady hitting B's parked car and totalling it. The second was the fender bender when the lady behind him failed to notice the big green SUV in front of her stopped at the stop light. This one was because the lady (in a hurry to buy her POODLE an Arby's roast beef sandwich) decided to save 2 seconds and come around B on the left as he was turning into our driveway. We have some really conscientious drivers around here. We just want to know why it's always B's car, and not the one that we wouldn't be so upset about.

05 September 2006

Highland Schottische Kilt Stocking

One kilt stocking, with a half liter water bottle for scale.
A close up of the cuff, because I still think it looks cool.
Now, to start the second one.

September has arrived,

and it's brought some nice cooler weather! That means that I've been doing more knitting. I've been working on these socks for B since we came home from vacation. I have worked on other things, too, but school for the boys started a week after we got home and I spent a ton of time getting all of squared away. Then I found out I was teaching a different class (not bad, but more work) and so then I was extremely busy with all of that. So, I was busy, busy, busy.

This weekend though has been nice. No soccer games on holiday weekends (in the spring, we don't play on Mother's Day either), so we were able to kick back and hang out. Well, not really. L had a birthday party to attend on Saturday and I decided to stay with him(I don't like springing his enzymes on unsuspecting parents) so I was able to do quite a lot on B's socks. On Sunday, Berea had their "parade of churches", so the boys and I went with B. It's a nice event. All of the churches get along and socialize with each other (with two exceptions) and everyone winds up sharing each other's goodies/freebies etc. L is a champion moocher and will get something from everyone. His big blue eyes, blonde hair, and tiny self makes a lot of people melt. He loves this event. But Monday, we did hang out at home. Sure, I made the boys labor (they had to clean up the lower level), and I did a mountain of laundry, but otherwise we slept later and hung out at home. I had plenty of time to finish the toes of B's socks.

These socks are easy, easy. I knit them from Trekking XXL (I bought 2 skeins, hoping that I can make B and both boys socks from it) in colorway 104. I think of them as Pawleys Island colors.

These socks were knit in 2X2 rib on the leg, with a short row heel (this is my second pair with a short row heel--I really like the look of it) and a plain stockinette foot. I used size 1 needles (2.25 mm). They would have been knit faster, but I was busy during this time period. I am going to knit a pair for M next with this yarn. Hopefully, there will be enough to knit a pair for L after that. L has small feet, so I'm not too worried.

I should finish the toe on the kilt hose (that really long green sock tonight. I finished the foot last night after I finished B's socks. I will feel better once that pair is finished, because it is for someone else and I feel that they are taking a loooooooong time. It was hot though, so it was hard to work on them.

So here we have it--a post with pictures. And better yet, no brain shaped meatloaf to be found!