31 August 2007

Eccentric Headband

I finished something today. (No, not The Collar's sweater, but it is closer to finished!)

I decided I wanted a headband. On Wednesday, I started one from IK, but it wasn't working for me with the yarn I was using and it was just kind of flimsy. On Thursday, I decided I would try something else. I had leftover navy yarn from my Lutea Lace Shell, so why not?

I started looking at lace patterns, but nothing really leaped out. I looked at cables, but didn't want it to be too big. I finally chose a 10 stitch pattern called Eccentric Cable. The twists are at random places in the cable, you can make it twist either right or left, and so I just kind of winged it. I used i-cord for ties. There are eyelets on the edge and there's a two stitch garter stitch border. The overall shape of the headband. I'm proud of making the eyelets go all the way around the edge!
I should have made it narrower. I have such a small head! But it works, and I'm wearing it right now. A close up of the end. The ends are triangular.
I knit it on size 6 (US) needles, both straight and dpns. I did not use a cable needle, because they always disappear.
This shot shows some of the opposite twist on the cable.

This week I learned

--that I still can't convince the janitors that I am the instructor for the classes that I teach.

--that I am a very kinetic lecturer, even when I've just ridden 5.5 miles to class.

--how to change a bicycle inner tube (hey, I've put how many miles on the bikes before that happened today?).

--that making eccentric cables are fun (I'll just put a twist here! I'll make it go the other way!).

--drivers in Lex are more respectful/zen/aware of bicycles now.

--preparing for dental work for an immune compromised child is just a big PITA.

--that smart kids get to do more fun things at school now then they did when I was a smart kid at school.
Exercise for this week (to keep me honest):
Cycling: 36.71 miles, 2 hours, 46 minutes (4.32 min/mile) <--this includes 3 trips from bike shop to school and back, and 1 cut short ride because I flatted, and walking while pushing said bike with flat tire.
Elliptical trainer/treadmill: 1 hour, 50 minutes, 8.7 miles

28 August 2007

Hmm, I must have a job

You can always tell when I'm working, because I tend to post less. I'm teaching 3 classes at the moment, and am prepping a 4th. I am spending lots of time on the computer. Soccer and choir are in full swing, too, which makes it very busy. I've also learned that janitors don't always believe me when I tell them that I am the instructor and PLEASE unlock my classroom!

We had only 2 soccer games this weekend. Game Boy played well, but his team lost by a few goals (they were much better than they were the week before), and The Wiz's team was also very good--they actually won, if we kept score. (Technically, we don't, but the kids do!) The Wiz scored a goal, and he played defense very well. I was quite proud.

I have finished a pair of socks for The Wiz. They look so huge:but they fit him quite well.Specs: Yarn: Instant Gratification Sock Yarn by Hill Country Yarns in "Cowboy" (a gift from LC my Knitty SP 8)
Needles: Brysprun dpns in size 2.5
Basic sock pattern for the Wiz --he likes stockinette socks best.

I started these on Friday evening, finished this afternoon. Not too shabby.

Game Boy really likes this yarn, too. I think I need to find more brown/navy/cream sock yarn for him. Both of the boys have outgrown many of their hand knit socks this summer, and both are unhappy about it. I have work to do!

23 August 2007

Speed is


I've been riding my bicycle a bit again. Last Wednesday to celebrate Freedom Day (aka the first day of school AND thank goodness my thumb doesn't hurt as much), I rode my Dolce. I only did a "short" ride of 12.5 miles, and I was pretty fast, for my hilly route and the first time since March. (4 minute 11 second miles, thank you very much.) My top speed was downhill at 35 mph or 56 kph was lovely, and fun. I rode in to work part way yesterday, and got up to 26 mph, which also isn't too shabby. (I have managed 23 miles since last week, which is pretty good, considering we've hit 100+ F and we had two days of thunderstorms.)

Little fast projects are also satisfying. I knit up two baby hats (one might be a bit small for most babies) and a pair of thumbless mittens. (A picture was posted on yesterday's blog entry.) Today I finished a Dream Swatch from the leftover Bearfoot Moutain Colors in Lupine. I used up the rest of the ball. Previously I had made two pairs of Fetching from this and thought it was about time I finished it. Why I bought a yarn that was mostly purple, I'll never know, since I don't really like purple!It wound up about 46" in length and is 3" wide. I used size 6 needles, and started it Monday when my fingers were cramping from the size 1 needles and 1X1 ribbing. A pretty fast knit. I can wear it tied around my hair, since I used a pretty thin yarn. I steam blocked it, which helped open up the stitches and flatten it out (mine was pretty curly).

Once it cools off, I can see wearing it pretty often. It does keep my hair out of my face.
Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of your own head?

22 August 2007

It's Still Too Darn Hot!

But I'm getting outside and riding the Dew anyway. The nice thing about my new schedule is that I am able to ride my bicycle from the Bike Shop on MWF. I wind up back at my car by 11:00 am, so it's not too horrible even riding back. I did not, however, ride in on Monday, and I didn't get to ride on the Dolce on Tuesday, because we had nasty thunderstorms both mornings. Yay rain! But why does it always happen when I'm trying to get back on the bike?

I've taught at least once for all of my classes (well, except for the Fall II class--that starts on 17 October and is online). I think it will be a good semester. Two classes are face to face and two are online.

The boys are surviving school. Yesterday we all had dental appointments. Two of us are cavity-free and two have a cavity. Of course, one is The Wiz, so now I need to find out the protocol for dental work. Game Boy's teeth still are coming in straight, so here's to hoping he won't need orthodontia!

I have finished a baby hat and thumbless mittens set for the SDS tea. Currently, they are in the washing machine (I love superwash wool) and will go through the dryer before I take pictures. They are knit in KnitPicks Simple Stripes in Snapdragon. My own pattern, with some help from Ann Budd's Handy Book of Knitting Patterns. I think I keep knitting girly things for SDS because I knit lots of masculine things all of the time.
The hat has a picot hem and I added corkscrews to the top--knit on size 3 dpns. The mittens are your basic mittens, but no thumb gusset, knit on size 1 dpns. I think that I like it.

20 August 2007

New Things

Today I'm posting about new things. For instance, I have a new avatar. The Collar took it while we were on vacation. It's my favorite look--geeky cyclist!

It's also a new school year. I have a new schedule. The old one didn't seem to work out. I now have to write/adapt/prepare a syllabus for an 8:00 am class that begins tomorrow. Luckily, I have taught that class before, so I am prepared mostly. I will also be setting up another online class that will begin in October.

My Secret Pal sent me a new package, which arrived just in time to celebrate being back in school.

She sent me a box with some really neat things
yarn, dpns, a pony tail holder (handy to make it look a bit more professional, since I'm riding in 3X a week), a book of short stories,
buttons for my next sweater (as in one I'm going to wear)

and a better shot *my* favorite, a tiny red bicycle. Red is the only proper color for a bike, you know. They go much faster!

Thanks, SP!

In knitting news: I'm working on a dream swatch from left over Bearfoot (the purple yarn that I knit fingerless mittens for my sister and me), and I have a baby hat, one thumbless mitten, and a second one started for the SDS auction. When I'm finished, then I'll give you details and pictures of both of those. The Collar's sweater is still growing.

19 August 2007

I thought this was a fall sport.

Soccer started this weekend. We had three games--The Wiz played Saturday at 11:30 (hot!) and Game Boy played at 9:00 am. The Wiz played again today at 4:00 pm. It was about 100 degrees out there. : ( The kids didn't want to play.The pictures are all from Game Boy's game. I can't take pictures of the Wiz's games due to being busy coaching.

Even though both teams lost, there were bright spots. Game Boy scored one of his teams two goals (after about 3 minutes on offense), and saved a few. The Wiz managed to steal the ball a few times too. All that matters is that we're learning things and having fun.

15 August 2007

Sappy Post--Nothing to see here

Dear Game Boy,

10 years ago today, you came earthside.* 10 years ago today, you made us parents. The three of us became a family together.

10 years ago today, you were a tiny bundle of potential. We had no idea what you were going to be like, but we're starting to see the man you are becoming. You play soccer, you are patient with younger children, you LOVE math and science. We can play "grown up" games with you like Scrabble instead of things like Candy Land (hooray!). You sing well. You are polite and charming. You are even nice to girls. The teachers at your school are always pleased to see you in their class.

You have grown so much from that 36 week premature baby. When you stand next to me, you are already past my shoulder. We can wear the same size socks! In another few months, you'll probably have feet bigger than me. Your freckled face can almost always make me smile.

I've enjoyed you very much for the last ten years. It's sometimes hard to believe that you probably won't be home on your 20th birthday, but wherever you'll be, I'm sure it will be an adventure.

I think I'll keep you.


*The earthside comment is because between the ages of 2 and 5, whenever he'd see a globe, he'd yell out "There's the home planet!" The Collar and I always wondered what other planets he'd visited.

This morning

6:20 am. It's going to be dark every morning this year.

14 August 2007

We're Ready!

The bedrooms are cleaned. (We took out about 5 bags of trash from Game Boy's room, and he now has a desk to use. The Wiz's room is mostly clean.)The lunches are made. Different ones for each kid. The Wiz won't really eat sandwiches.We ate our brain shaped meatloaf, 'cause all we want to do is eat brains .School starts tomorrow morning. They each have their new shirts and shorts to wear, new lunch bags, and all. We're ready too. (I still have all of Game Boy's paper work to do, but after filling our 12+ sheets for our has special medical needs child, I'm done.)

13 August 2007


It sounds as if I'm talking about a sale, doesn't it?

No, in two more days the combatants, the battling brothers, or the only looks angelic boys start school.

Game Boy is starting his last year at DB Elementary. He met his teacher (the fifth grade math teacher!) and saw many of his old teachers. His class has a lot of his favorite kids in it. He's very excited. He even chose to buy donut holes for his birthday treat for his class. He found out his social studies teacher has the same birthday. :)

The Wiz is starting first grade. He has informed us he will be eating breakfast at home AND at school, again. We met his teacher, who has a special ed background, and I like her. He needs someone who can understand him and realize that he really is trying. I think that it's a good fit. I did warn her that everyone will know his name by the end of the first day. She thought that was funny.

Now I have a mountain of paperwork to fill out for both boys. The Wiz has more--medication forms, emergency action plans, etc.

The only bad thing about school starting--the bus will arrive at 6:30 in the morning. Ugh.

11 August 2007

I win!

I've been working on a project where the yarn has not been cooperating. It would tangle (even after it had been rewound, while I was working on the darn thing. Stitches would drop for no reason, and it was just completely obnoxious and unhappy with what I was doing. I don't know if it was just balky and stubborn, or if the project was wrong. I don't think it was the wrong pattern, because I won! The project is done, and I have a new pair of socks!Details:
Pattern: Child's French Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd's Sock in Tahoe
Needles: US Size 1 (two pairs of dpns--I knit both socks at the same time, like usual)
Mods: I only knit 8 repeats on the leg and 7 on the foot. I added two rounds of stockinette before I began to work the toe.
The pattern was easy to memorize and I like the way it looks. The heel is pretty neat, as the diaper stitch is maintained through the back. I'll need to wear this pair of socks with clogs.
It was a fun pattern, but the yarn didn't seem to want to cooperate. I'm stubborn, though, and I did what I wanted, any way! My past secret pal LC sent me this yarn (and lots of other lovely yarn) and this is the first yarn I've gotten to knit up. I'll probably knit the "Cowboy" yarn up next, to make The Wiz some socks. He's out grown most of his (sniff! he only wore his socks for 3 YEARS!) and he is my most effusive victim, err, recipient.

The only active project I have right now is The Collar's sweater. I have cast on the right front piece (this is going to be finished and he will be wearing it by the time my car's paid off) so I must start something smaller too.

I suppose it should be for the SDA auction...

08 August 2007

4 out of 5

pieces of The Collar's sweater are finished unless you decide to count the collar as a 6th piece.
I have finished the front left of this sweater. I have sewn this piece to the back at the shoulder. I thought about sewing in one sleeve, but really, that's a bit much. It's really too hot to be messing around with all of this wool. (Our backyard thermometer says 103 Fahrenheit, dudes!)

This sweater is almost long enough to be a dress on me, albeit a short one.

I *think* that I can finish it by October. That's about when The Collar would be able to wear it.

06 August 2007

Monday Morning

Why are these people so happy?

Because we saw this:
*Click and it will enlarge*

We drove up to Georgetown College to see the Bengals' Training Camp. We saw a lot, and had a great time. Game Boy managed to get one autograph on his friend P's hat (I'm not sure who), but didn't get one for himself. : ( The Wiz wound up with three autographs: #7--Jeff Smith, #56, Edgerton Hartwell, and #86 Daniel Coats. These were on the back of his shirt. We'll be framing it and putting it into the playroom. Fun, fun day.

05 August 2007

Random Pictures

I don't have much to say right now, but I do have some pictures to post.Veggies from our garden. We've had tomatoes and peppers for almost every meal since we've been back from vacation. Friends of ours gave us some squash, so tonight we'll have squash, tomatoes, green beans, and peppers with our steaks (I love sales).
And here's a finished project. I made this yesterday. It's from Last Minute Knitted Gifts Joelle Hoverson. I knit this sweater in sock yarn left over from the Pawleys Island Blues Socks.
It's the miniature sweater and it took me about 2 hours from start to finish. The boys want each want one. It was fun to knit and I have lots of dribs and drabs of yarn so I can make more. I'll probably add their initials to the little sweaters too. This way the Wiz can have his pink sweater and no one has to know!

Oh, and I did change the sweater that I knit for me. I added two rows of single crochet to the bottom hem, because a rolled hem on a sweater that hits you at the hip is NOT FLATTERING. I realize that I have hips and apparently most women don't (otherwise I'd find pants that fit, right?), so I fixed the hem by adding two rows of single crochet. I like the more finished hem, any way. Here's a view of that:
I think that it really finishes up the shell/vest. I'm so glad that I decided to teach myself how to crochet a little in May when I was bored out of my mind (hint: bright pink cast!).

Tomorrow we have an adventure planned. Stay tuned!

02 August 2007

Knitting by the sea

and the mountains, and in the car. I like to knit while I'm watching television, and Le Tour de France gave me lots of time to do that. So do long car rides. Any way, I finished three things. Two are now wearable, and one's part of a big project, so I'm counting it as finished.

First, I finished the back of The Collar's sweater. I know have only the two front pieces before I sew it together. I knit the sleeves first, and at the same time, so those are finished!
I also finished a pair of socks for The Collar. They are knit in Online sock yarn in nice fall colors. Simple 2X2 ribbed leg, short row heel, plain stockinette foot, and a wedge toe. I think that I've finally discovered the sock style that fits him best.
I also finished the Lutea Lace-Shoulder Shell from IK Summer 2007. I made mine in wool, so I'll wear it as a vest this fall/winter. It was a fun knit, and I kind of wish I'd knit in in cotton instead so I could wear it now. Oh well. I'll need it more later on, anyway.

01 August 2007


If you are my sister-in-law, we had a horrible time. The weather was awful, the food was terrible, Brookgreen was brown, and no one did anything fun the whole week.


For everyone else, it was just what we needed. It's been an incredibly busy year, and summer was no exception. We rode our bicycles, we swam in the tidal creek, we made meatloaf, we body surfed, we went to Brookgreen Gardens and captured frog-poles (frogs with a tiny bit of tail left). The boys spent their allowances at Pawleys and at Gatlinburg. We didn't hike this year (we're all pretty tired), but we played lots of pool, and went swimming in a cold mountain pool.

So, without further ado, pictures!