13 August 2007


It sounds as if I'm talking about a sale, doesn't it?

No, in two more days the combatants, the battling brothers, or the only looks angelic boys start school.

Game Boy is starting his last year at DB Elementary. He met his teacher (the fifth grade math teacher!) and saw many of his old teachers. His class has a lot of his favorite kids in it. He's very excited. He even chose to buy donut holes for his birthday treat for his class. He found out his social studies teacher has the same birthday. :)

The Wiz is starting first grade. He has informed us he will be eating breakfast at home AND at school, again. We met his teacher, who has a special ed background, and I like her. He needs someone who can understand him and realize that he really is trying. I think that it's a good fit. I did warn her that everyone will know his name by the end of the first day. She thought that was funny.

Now I have a mountain of paperwork to fill out for both boys. The Wiz has more--medication forms, emergency action plans, etc.

The only bad thing about school starting--the bus will arrive at 6:30 in the morning. Ugh.


LilKnitter said...

Wha?! 6:30?! Ouch!!

Happy School Days to the kids. I loved school. Hey, I'd still love to be in school!

Amanda said...

Getting ready for starting school was alwayss one of my favorite times of the year. I loved school. I never really thought about it from the parents' side - 6:30am bus? Gah!!!
But hey - you made it through another summer with them home all day!!