02 August 2007

Knitting by the sea

and the mountains, and in the car. I like to knit while I'm watching television, and Le Tour de France gave me lots of time to do that. So do long car rides. Any way, I finished three things. Two are now wearable, and one's part of a big project, so I'm counting it as finished.

First, I finished the back of The Collar's sweater. I know have only the two front pieces before I sew it together. I knit the sleeves first, and at the same time, so those are finished!
I also finished a pair of socks for The Collar. They are knit in Online sock yarn in nice fall colors. Simple 2X2 ribbed leg, short row heel, plain stockinette foot, and a wedge toe. I think that I've finally discovered the sock style that fits him best.
I also finished the Lutea Lace-Shoulder Shell from IK Summer 2007. I made mine in wool, so I'll wear it as a vest this fall/winter. It was a fun knit, and I kind of wish I'd knit in in cotton instead so I could wear it now. Oh well. I'll need it more later on, anyway.


Amanda said...

Great looking sweaters and socks!! I'm working on a Cambridge Jacket for J, too...let's just say that you're rolling along a LOT faster than I am. I think your color selection is MUCH better (mine is charcoal grey - ack!)

Kate said...

Thanks! I have about an inch of the left front, and I feel motivated to finish so maybe by October I'll be finished. I am lucky that The Collar likes color--orange is his favorite. His next socks will be orange too!

The shell came out better than I thought, and it's more flattering than I first supposed. Blocking was really important for it.