15 August 2007

Sappy Post--Nothing to see here

Dear Game Boy,

10 years ago today, you came earthside.* 10 years ago today, you made us parents. The three of us became a family together.

10 years ago today, you were a tiny bundle of potential. We had no idea what you were going to be like, but we're starting to see the man you are becoming. You play soccer, you are patient with younger children, you LOVE math and science. We can play "grown up" games with you like Scrabble instead of things like Candy Land (hooray!). You sing well. You are polite and charming. You are even nice to girls. The teachers at your school are always pleased to see you in their class.

You have grown so much from that 36 week premature baby. When you stand next to me, you are already past my shoulder. We can wear the same size socks! In another few months, you'll probably have feet bigger than me. Your freckled face can almost always make me smile.

I've enjoyed you very much for the last ten years. It's sometimes hard to believe that you probably won't be home on your 20th birthday, but wherever you'll be, I'm sure it will be an adventure.

I think I'll keep you.


*The earthside comment is because between the ages of 2 and 5, whenever he'd see a globe, he'd yell out "There's the home planet!" The Collar and I always wondered what other planets he'd visited.


Maggie said...

That was really sweet, Kate. Happy Birthday, Gameboy!

LCinSunnySoCal@wordpress.com said...

Is there really, anything better in this world than seeing your children thrive?

Love the post...