28 August 2007

Hmm, I must have a job

You can always tell when I'm working, because I tend to post less. I'm teaching 3 classes at the moment, and am prepping a 4th. I am spending lots of time on the computer. Soccer and choir are in full swing, too, which makes it very busy. I've also learned that janitors don't always believe me when I tell them that I am the instructor and PLEASE unlock my classroom!

We had only 2 soccer games this weekend. Game Boy played well, but his team lost by a few goals (they were much better than they were the week before), and The Wiz's team was also very good--they actually won, if we kept score. (Technically, we don't, but the kids do!) The Wiz scored a goal, and he played defense very well. I was quite proud.

I have finished a pair of socks for The Wiz. They look so huge:but they fit him quite well.Specs: Yarn: Instant Gratification Sock Yarn by Hill Country Yarns in "Cowboy" (a gift from LC my Knitty SP 8)
Needles: Brysprun dpns in size 2.5
Basic sock pattern for the Wiz --he likes stockinette socks best.

I started these on Friday evening, finished this afternoon. Not too shabby.

Game Boy really likes this yarn, too. I think I need to find more brown/navy/cream sock yarn for him. Both of the boys have outgrown many of their hand knit socks this summer, and both are unhappy about it. I have work to do!

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