30 June 2008

The Goal

Things are in happening very fast. Tomorrow, the packers come. The next day they load the truck. The next day, the Collar's dad has surgery.

Eventually, we'll make it here:A view of the dining room and one of the built in cabinet/shelf.An alcove in the hallway.

28 June 2008


We've been there. (For a week--that's why there has been blog silence.)
I even finished a pair of socks for The Collar. These were mostly worked on during waiting times and airplanes. He likes them.
It may be the last time we go there. (Sob!) But it was another lovely week, and I am glad that I spend a week doing this.

20 June 2008

Catching Up

Here's something that I haven't posted for awhile:We had meatloaf tonight. The boys ate pretty much all of it. (If you can't tell what it is, it's supposed to be a hot air balloon. )

This is a picture from the (hopefully) new house. I fell in love with this kitchen. How cool is that oven? It works, and it's very retro. Actually, it's old. But who cares? It's cool! I love it.I'll post another picture of a different room, later.

18 June 2008

Too Much

There is all together too much to do.

Grades are due Friday.

We're trying to come to an agreement on the house in WA. There's a major sticking point, so we're pretty concerned. The Collar thinks it will work out. I'm looking at it as I'd rather lose that house and find another rather than have a huge problem that we'd have to deal with to fix the problem. Either way, we'll be okay.

We're working on the house here. The wall paper is almost all off. Painting is easy, so that will be a relief. The bathrooms are done. We have a kitchen floor to do, a porch? to work on, and the front window. Once our stuff is out, I'll clean EVERYTHING.

BBF, male version, has had a serious health issue come up. Now. When we are supposed to move all the way across the country. It truly is not fair to any of us.

On the bright side, the boys are happy and healthy, the dogs missed me, and I have tiny cabbages in the garden. I'm going to lose a few cabbages though, because of some stupid bug that is eating them. I might get broccoli, but then again, who knows?

It's just typical for us. You'd think I'd be used to it all by now. :)

16 June 2008

Still in WA

I'm still in Washington, doing the house hunting thing. I think we have a house, but you know how these things work! Currently, the inspector is working on his report. I checked on my class, and now I'm blogging for you (me).

It's a cute house. It's bigger than what we currently have, by about 500 square feet. There's less garage, but more storage in the house than our current one. The boys would be able to go by foot power to school, which is good, and The Collar would be able to walk to work. I'd post pictures, but I'd feel like I'm jinxing things.

If we could just have things go smoothly, I'd feel better. It's kind of scary, this part.

Keep your fingers crossed, please! Or pray. Or you could always do both!

06 June 2008

It's not NY

but the Wiz is getting some adventures, too.

I took him here:We wandered around (somehow we didn't get a map). It was probably the best way for us to do this. No real agenda, just a long walk. It was hot, but we were fine.He was able to pet the miniature horses. He decided this one was a girl. (It wasn't.)
This was his favorite horse from the breed parade (we went to both the morning and afternoon ones--different horses). It's a Scottish Cob.
He liked to stand by the life-size statues. He thought they were huge.

And finally, I told The Wiz if gas prices went up much more we'd be getting some horses and taking one of these to Washington. He did not believe me. He didn't believe me when I explained that the pioneers took them from places like Kentucky to places like Kansas and Washington. After all, why would they take something that little all the way from Kentucky? Where would all the stuff go? And why would the horses do that?

We ended the day drinking blue slurpees. I haven't had one for ages. :)

05 June 2008

He drives me up the wall

and now he can drive himself up the wall too.He can make it up to the top!

Game Boy is now in NY visiting his aunt and uncle with his grandmother. The Wiz misses him, and this is the result. (I think his medication allowed him to figure out how to do this. I think this is good?)

04 June 2008

One more room

ready to show.Game Boy and I finished his room today. He cleaned up and tossed, I went after and organized and vacuumed (and tossed a couple more things). I still need to shampoo the carpet, but it's definitely not embarrassing anymore.

He has space! He has a lot of stuff. Wow.

BBF, can you believe his room? I think the last time you saw it, it probably could have been classified as a hazardous waste area. We're getting there.

03 June 2008

Tiny Thing

I actually started and finished a knitting project today. After dinner, and before bed! The Collar's nearly finished with his usual body wash, and doesn't want to buy any before the Great Trek West. He has some bars of soap, so he requested one of these. I made a bunch last summer, and he decided he wanted one too.

This one's a little different because it is reverse stockinette. Since I'm lazy, I didn't actually knit reverse stockinette, I just turned it inside out.

Game Boy's room is much cleaner. It's not finished yet but it should be finished by tomorrow afternoon. We're almost finished with this stuff. Just a few little and/or easy things to do.

I hate this part the most of moving.

02 June 2008


First, Game Boy has completed elementary school. Friday was the last day for both boys, and it was 5th grade awards, honors, and graduation. Game Boy brought home eight awards. Most of the time it was the same 5 girls and him. :) Fifth grade girls are much taller than the boys especially when they are wearing heels, so we saw why he thinks he's short. He earned two awards that we were really shocked about: he earned second place for AR (accelerated reader) points for his class (he didn't like to read until Percy Jackson in April) and he won the award for Social Studies.

I also completed a laundry bag for Game Boy. (Please ignore his messy, messy closet.) I have also made one for the Wiz, but his was first and has a lot more mistakes. I'll let you see this one.The main fabric is green (of course!) with very happy frogs. The contrasting fabric looks like green frog eggs to me. The inside lining is polka dots. It should hold a pretty good amount of laundry. Maybe I'll be able to go in to their rooms now and just grab the bag. Or maybe not.