16 June 2008

Still in WA

I'm still in Washington, doing the house hunting thing. I think we have a house, but you know how these things work! Currently, the inspector is working on his report. I checked on my class, and now I'm blogging for you (me).

It's a cute house. It's bigger than what we currently have, by about 500 square feet. There's less garage, but more storage in the house than our current one. The boys would be able to go by foot power to school, which is good, and The Collar would be able to walk to work. I'd post pictures, but I'd feel like I'm jinxing things.

If we could just have things go smoothly, I'd feel better. It's kind of scary, this part.

Keep your fingers crossed, please! Or pray. Or you could always do both!


Maggie said...

I'll pray for you. Can't wait to see you guys again!!

lc said...

Here it comes, on the wings of a prayer!! When the time is right, pictures will be very exciting!

How does The Collar feel about it? Has he seen the pics?