06 June 2008

It's not NY

but the Wiz is getting some adventures, too.

I took him here:We wandered around (somehow we didn't get a map). It was probably the best way for us to do this. No real agenda, just a long walk. It was hot, but we were fine.He was able to pet the miniature horses. He decided this one was a girl. (It wasn't.)
This was his favorite horse from the breed parade (we went to both the morning and afternoon ones--different horses). It's a Scottish Cob.
He liked to stand by the life-size statues. He thought they were huge.

And finally, I told The Wiz if gas prices went up much more we'd be getting some horses and taking one of these to Washington. He did not believe me. He didn't believe me when I explained that the pioneers took them from places like Kentucky to places like Kansas and Washington. After all, why would they take something that little all the way from Kentucky? Where would all the stuff go? And why would the horses do that?

We ended the day drinking blue slurpees. I haven't had one for ages. :)

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