31 August 2006


I think that I can say that classes are going well. Maybe I should think about applying for the next full time position that opens up?

I have a lot of students. Somehow, my classes fill up, even when we have to drop classes. How weird. You'd think that my last name would scare students off.

There's not a whole lot of interesting news. L is doing okay at school. His fine motor skills might be improving, but I am not sure. M is being tested for gifted and talented this year (good--he's been bored and causing trouble previously) and has been placed in advanced math. I enjoyed TAG (the acronym used in the KCK school district), and I'm sure it kept me out of trouble. Once I went to Sumner Academy, that's when I taught myself to write backwards and write notes in Latin to keep from being a pain in class. At least it worked!

B is busy with his two parishes. The chairs are coming, the chairs are coming! (They are the last bit of the new church left incomplete.) He has added a projection system to the church so that visitors don't have to juggle all of the books we use. I'm a conservative when it comes to worship style (no guitars, no "praise" music, kneelers are necessary) but I really think that it will help people who are visiting.

Oh--L apparently amused the girls with his baby opossum. Do I worry about him now, or later? At least he's not bringing home girls' phone numbers like his big brother did when he was in Kindergarten. I never expected to have to teach phone number acceptance ettiquette to a 5 year old.

The donut spare dog (Patti) is here. Wish all of us some serious luck. She has already bitten Lulu (who just looked hurt and confused) and Maisie (who has learned to avoid her) because they dared come near me. Murfy just lies around and looks stuffed, so she ignores him. Tomorrow will probably be better.

I'll post some picture next time. I can't get into the habit of no pictures! I promise it won't be brain shaped meatloaf.

30 August 2006

10 Things

1. Why does L feel compelled to find an O object "that will amuse the girls"? (His exact words!)

2. Why do students feel that they can complain that the handouts you give them aren't to their specifications?

3. It's amazing how quickly students change from 0h, gross we have to work with termites to naming them.

4. Maisie is now 8 pounds.

5. Lulu loves playing with Maisie.

6. Socks for B take forever to knit.

7. Knee socks also take a long time to knit.

8. I'm tired of 90 degrees.

9. Teaching from 8 to 6 is tiring.

10. I'm going to bed.

26 August 2006

Random stuff

Random stuff today. I have been busy with school, so everything is pretty much incoherent and stream of conciousness.

Today L (and I) had our first soccer game. As you can see, his uniform is a little big. He had shorts that were really too big, so we found smaller ones, his socks are folded completely down over his legs, and his uniform shirt is tucked in, but looks a little bit funny. He's so cute.

We think his team tied the other team, but we aren't sure. I didn't keep score and the Dolphins were sure that both sides got 13 goals. Everyone had a good time, so it's all good.

M played today, too. His team is the Tigers and they have the brightest uniforms I've ever seen. He played well today, and his team won. So far, so good. He had to play both forward and full back (and did pretty well in both positions) but can't remember much of the game. He took cold medicine before and wasn't quite himself.

L lost another tooth. He wasn't too thrilled at first because he bled this time, but obviously changed his mind after the bleeding stopped. Another trip from the tooth fairy is in order. Now the tooth fairy only brings a quarter, so you know what a cheapskate we have.

I have gotten pretty far on the first of the Scottische Kilt Hose Stocking. I have completed the calf decreases and am finally on the heel. The picture at the left is a view of the calf decreases, because I think that it looks cool.
I am working pretty slowly on these socks because a.) they are 100% wool and it's still 95 degrees F here and b.) they are knee socks with a huge cuff. They are still really neat and fun to knit though. P, the person they are for, lives in NC and it's still hot there, so I think that I still have time. Usually I'm faster on the second sock, so maybe I'll finish these pretty quickly.

B's Pawleys Island Blues socks are coming along. I have finished the foot on one, and am to the toe, so I've started the foot on the other sock. I'd like to finish them soon so I can work on the sweater and knit matching socks for the boys. Right now, the majority of my knitting is for B. I've quit on the shawl for awhile (it's really boring), but I have a sweater and socks on the needles for B. Then there are the Scottische hose for P. I will finish at least one project before I start another. I want to knit a lace shawl for me to wear at church (it's cold in there!), and more socks (I have cool patterns and beautiful yarn to use), and a long sleeved sweater for me. Oh, and another hoodie for L. He's starting to show signs of outgroing the blue one after wearing it for 2 years. Too much to do and not enough time to do it. Sigh.

22 August 2006


his first tooth, that is. He lost it during gym class. Apparently they had to stop class to find it! (I'm not certain if I believe him. You should hear some of the tales he tells!)

Doesn't he look happy? The slacker tooth fairy is off the hook, though, because L forgot to put his tooth under his pillow. This is good, because the tooth fairy (that unreliable fairy!) doesn't have a golden dollar to give him. Our tooth fairy isn't exactly very on the ball, as M will tell you.

21 August 2006

School started

...very tired, didn't sleep last night.

I started teaching at 8:00 this morning and finished at 5:30 (the students finished in lab early). I meet my fifth class tomorrow (yes, I'm teaching an overload), and then I will have met all of my students. After that, I have to schlep over to the parking office at UK to buy a parking permit, so I don't get towed. Why they can have online permit applications for *everyone* but adjuncts I'll never know.

L's doing well at school so far and so is M.

I'll write later. Right now, I'm barely able to stand.

19 August 2006

Soccer, school, and general craziness

Well, you all KNOW that the boys have started school. And you've probably figured out that soccer has started, too. Of course, you are correct.

The craziness is that I start school on Monday, and I'm L's soccer coach (and 5 other U6s), and as of last Friday, I am the instructor for the second half of the year long sequence for major's biology. The part that goes through basically every single living organism on the planet. Well, the ones we have described anyway. This is scary. However, on the bright side, I am my own boss--I am the course coordinator. This means that I probably have a job as an adjunct anywhere I ever want to be. Cool. But do I want to be an adjunct forever? Maybe. Maybe not.

Usually, by this time, I have finished all of my syllabi. Not this year. I'm worried because I still have the lab syllabus to write. We know what labs are going to be done, and that helps with the lecture course. However, I don't have the ancillary material yet. To buy time, I am going to make the students watch a David Attenborough video on life. Yep, I am going to have to do that for the first lecture, anyway. I really hope that my cds show up soon.


Between tomorrow and Monday, I will be coaching my first soccer game (we haven't even practiced yet because of all the storms) and starting a semester where I am teaching an overload, I will be going totally insane. (No comments from the peanut gallery about the fact that I already am completely insane, please.) Maybe by Labor Day I will be in the groove.

I hope.

17 August 2006

First Day, 2006/2007

The boys started school yesterday. I am quite pleased that I will no longer have to hear them fighting all day long. It went very smoothly, although they still catch the bus at 6:45 am. Sigh.

So yes, it was pretty dark when I snapped this picture.

So far, I haven't heard from L's teacher (edited later to add: this is good. We expected her to call us and tell us he's been misbehaving!). I spent yesterday filling out many, many forms about L's health issues. It's not as easy to start school with health problems that require medication and extra care. L's a little worried though that he will lose his teeth at school. We found out at the dentist that he has two very loose teeth. We had no idea!

Dinner was what is going to be a tradition. L decided that we should have brain shaped meatloaf for dinner. Brains are important for learning, don't you know. He believes that is a good way to think about the school year! He also wanted to share what it looked like. Here it is sans ketchup.Happy school year to everyone!

15 August 2006

9 Years Ago

M was born (only 4 weeks early!). Being the considerate child then (as he is today), I was admitted (for the final time) at 11:00 am on Friday and he was born at 4:11 pm that afternoon. All during normal office hours. (Of course, that was the only "normal" part of the labor and delivery, but that's not his fault!)

Today he's 9 years old. Tomorrow he starts fourth grade. It has been an amazing 9 years.

08 August 2006

No knitting for you!

At least, that's what it seems that Maisie is saying. If I pick up yarn and knitting needles, she comes right over to me. She is trying to jump up on my lap, but so far can't quite do it. She kidnaps my yarn, see?Maisie apparently likes wool yarns best. I suppose that is the border collie part of her. All yarn that she steals and her toys must be in a pile together. It's really funny to see this 4.5 pound puppy dragging things that are as big as she is to the proper herd. She has an upstairs herd and a downstairs herd.

I have gotten a little bit done. I've cast on finally for B's sweater, I'm down to two decreases left on the leg of the Scottische Kilt hose sock, and I've been knitting the first of the All the Boys socks. The socks are pretty. I'm just hoping that I don't get too bored after making them, as the boys also expect to get a pair each. This pair is for B. I've started making socks at the same time, because I keep winding up with socks that are slightly different sizes lately. I've been a bit tense, you know.

I'm still working on the wrap, but it's boring. I'll be dragging it with me when I start school. I don't know if I'll be tutoring again this semester, but that's a great time to get boring knitting done. It's worked really well, so far. I finished a sweater for me, one for M, and various other stockinette projects. L wants a new hoodie sweater this fall, but I really want to finish the gigantic wrap first.

This is the other sock yarn I bought in SC. I'm saving it for later, after I finish up a couple of projects. It's weird, but of the four things I'm knitting (too many projects for me!) none are actually something for me. I refuse to start something for me right now, though. I have some self-control.

It's still really hot here. I haven't been able to bike much because of the heat. I did ride to the post office though.

And, the most important thing is that school is only 8 days away. A good thing, as M and L may either kill each other or drive me crazy if they don't go soon. (So, how many times can you tell children, "Stop touching him!" before you can only say that?)

05 August 2006

More vacation pictures

The miniature garden in the children's section at Brookgreen garden.

L sitting on the southern sculpture.

Catching frogs and tadpoles from the fountain.

M playing parcheesi with Dad, Aunt E and Uncle F.

L proudly displaying his froglets.

04 August 2006

Vacation Knitting

I couldn't write about the puppy (not vacation related) and the knitting I finished while on vacation. Most people who read here don't care about the knitting anyway. If they do care, they just look at the pictures.

The sweater to the left I started in the car on the way to Pawleys. It was finished by the time we made it to Columbia, SC. It is the 5 Hour Baby Sweater, but it took me longer than five hours. I still need to get it ribbons for ties, but it is pretty much completed. (NO, I am not expecting a girl, boy, or alien. This is for either the SDS tea silent auction or for friends at church who are expecting a girl in December.) It took 4 oz of yarn. I used Caron Simply Soft (100% acrylic) in Embroidery Print. I wanted this sweater to be machine washable and easy care, because I remember how much the boys spit up all over their clothes.

I also finished the Badcaul socks. The patterns and yarn were a gift from my superior secret pal. I did not even try to make them identical twins, but went with the flow. These are my first toe up socks, my first short row heels, and I got tired of using the cable needle so my first cabling without a cable needle too. I really learned a lot with these socks. (Big Thanks to you, Secret Pal!)

I also knit on the kilt hose (I have two decreases left on the calf shaping) and some on the shawl. In the car on the way to Gatlinburg, I knitted on a pair of socks for B (no pictures yet) from Trekking yarn. I hope that I bought enough yarn to make all three of the male humans "matching" socks.

I also bought yarn, but no pictures of that, either.

Free puppy

Free dogs are never free, but...

Some of you may know that Murfy has been slowly succumbing to kidney problems and old age (we have no idea how old he is, but it's been clear that he's a lot older than 9) and that Lulu clearly needs a friend. She is much happier when she has Patti around for companionship.

So, here is a free puppy. Knowing me, if the dog's got some kind of hard luck story (she is rescue number 3 for dogs, number 5 for pets in general), it has a huge chance of coming home with me. This particular puppy was in a backyard breeder/puppy mill situation and was the runt of her litter. She was definitely supposed to come home with me.

Meet Maisie. She is a chihuahua/border collie mix. Right now she weighs about 3 pounds and is 9 weeks old. She doesn't bark, but will be active enough to play with Lulu. She has already decided that she's my dog/I'm her person (just like the other two), but also likes to play with the boys and get cuddled by B.

L is quite pleased that we now have a smaller dog and one that will play. Lulu plays, but can easily knock L over when she gets excited. Murfy only allows the boys to pet him, if he feels like it, and isn't exactly a lot of fun.

Maisie might very well be our only young puppy. So far, we have mostly adopted older dogs, but one puppy will be fun.

02 August 2006

Jiggity jig

We are home again.

Before we came back, we spent a lot of time doing watery things, such as crab catching off of the dock. We swam, we rode our bicycles, we went geocaching (M's new favorite activity), we ate sea food, we went in search of wildlife, and we went crab catching. Oh, and crab catching. M caught a total of 17 legal sized blue crabs. He caught them using both a trap, a net, and a basket. We ate quite a lot of crab.

On our way back, we stayed in the Smokies. We hiked, looked for salamanders and got wet (L). B and I found more pottery for our house (dessert bowls, sugar and creamer set) while the boys found a few things for themselves, too.

Now it is nice to be home.