28 December 2010

Member of the Pack

 Sometimes, new members of the family are last minute, and unexpected but pleasant surprises.  (We've had surprise new members of the family before, such as Lulu.)
 This is Davy, the Boston Terrier.  We found out he was going to come and live with us on Christmas Eve.  The boys didn't find out until Christmas morning.  They found out that he was coming because I put a picture of a Boston Terrier with the note "Merry Christmas from Davy.  I'm coming to your house next week."  It took them a little while to realize it meant we were getting another dog.
 He's a bit hyperactive (he's been kenneled for a few weeks because his owner has become very sick), but that should settle down soon.
He does have a constant expression of OMG! on his face, but that is endearing.
This one isn't thrilled that he's here, but she's keeping an eye on him.  Always.  Her displeasure is lessening, and I think they will be just fine in a few more days.

25 December 2010

A Christmas In Pictures

 7:00 am.
 7:30 am.
 7:35 am
 8:30 am (it's not a gift, he just decided it was time to play the dulcimer)
 Wiz's first MP3 player
 Game Boy's Kindle (it'll come in handy in high school, right?)
Star Wars land speeder.

No other pictures of snoozing, watching movies, or eating dinner.  All of those took place, but aren't the most exciting of subjects.

It was a lovely Christmas.  We had a good time, and we enjoyed the day.

Now I'm tired.

24 December 2010


 New gift bags.
 New pajamas
 Camels wearing hats
 A tree with presents starting to collect underneath its branches.
Tamales ready for dinner.
Church in 1 and a half hours.

I think we're ready.

23 December 2010

Doing the SP Thing Again

I got a box in the mail.  The very best kind of box--one from a secret pal.
 Everything was wrapped in great penguin wrapping paper.
 There was a slug from Flushed Away for Wiz
 and one for Game Boy.  (A favorite movie of theirs--they used to sing the songs from it in harmony together.)
 Left over yarn bits for more ornaments, including a pattern for wonderful tiny mittens,
 with one even knitted up for me.  (Aren't they adorable?  There's something about small things that are just fabulous.)
 A great hat pattern with the perfect yarn (sorry for the color--it just won't come out properly).  I want to knit it and wear it and call it my own.
And a can of Cincinnati chili, which I put on the table at the Collar's place.  He picked it up, and started drooling.  I think he'll be having it for lunch soon.

All in all, a fabulous package from my Secret Pal, Michelle.  Hopefully my downstream will like her package, too.