29 November 2010


 Hosted by pumpkin pike
 pretty flowers
 an early snow (see, the willows hadn't even dropped their leaves yet!)
and our hackberry tree.

Still sick.  Working, but no energy left for anything else.

18 November 2010

More Finished Objects

I have now knitted 27 hat ornaments.  I have gotten a little bored with plain, so I came up with this type:

 little stranded hats, with an XO pattern.  These two are the best ones.

 I also finished Wiz's piano teacher's fingerless mitts.  These are Monkey Fingerless Mitts, by Michelle Johnson.  It's Dream in Color Rustic sock yarn, in Maple.  These were fun to knit and I might knit a pair for me, too.  (I don't think one can have too many pairs of fingerless mitts.)
Soon I have to pick up Wiz from his piano lesson, and I'll give these to her.  I hope that she likes them!

13 November 2010

And I'm Knitting

but mostly I'm working, and going to meetings, and hanging out with the boys when the Collar has a meeting.  I haven't managed to go to knit group (Game Boy now has youth group, and the Collar goes too), so Wiz and I are on our own then.  Maybe next year?

Currently I'm knitting several things:

Sitcom Chic (I'm working on sleeve number one, but haven't knit on it for awhile because I'm doing this instead:
 This is monkey mitt #1 for Wiz's piano teacher.  I have begun the second one, and probably will get to the thumb gusset today.   After that, I'm knitting hats and mittens for her daughters.

I am knitting this year's ornaments.  Hats!  Lots, and lots of hats.  Above are 15 hats and I'll make at least 30.  They are pretty fast knits, but I'm sure I'll be tired of them soon.  They are very cute so far, and I'll still have lots and lots and lots of sock yarn left over.  I don't know what I'll do when I run out of left over sock yarn bits.  (Actually, can that ever happen?)

06 November 2010

More Halloween!

Game Boy's Pumpkin
 Wiz's pumpkin had 4 faces, but they were hard to capture

Both of the pumpkins
This year's skull meatloaf, a cheerful fellow.

Game Boy's cape, with the hood he added.

I need to write a real post.  The boys are busy with music and sports.  We're busy with life, the universe, and everything, and together we wind up with a crazy schedule.  Now that winter's on the way, I might actually write more.