29 November 2010


 Hosted by pumpkin pike
 pretty flowers
 an early snow (see, the willows hadn't even dropped their leaves yet!)
and our hackberry tree.

Still sick.  Working, but no energy left for anything else.


kristieinbc said...

Sorry to hear that you are sick! Hopefully you were still able to enjoy Thanksgiving with your family. Spokane was a snow nightmare while I was down! It looks like you got hit in Walla Walla too.

I juts realized I confused your comment on my blog with a different Kate who had left a comment. My apologies. I feel quite stupid! I don't have that many readers so it never occurred to me there could be two Kates!

Pattie said...

Pretty snow pics. I trust that you are feeling better by now! Can you add the "follow this blog" button to your blog? ~smile~ That way, when i sign into google, it will just pop up with your new posts and I don't have to remember to come here to check. I love reading and looking at all your pics. I just sometimes end up reading a month or more at a time. LOL I may have missed it...so I am going to search for it again once I publish this. I follow a few of my friends' blogs this way.

Kate said...

I am getting better. I ran today for the first time in over a month.

I think you can either subscribe using google reader or there's a link to follow this blog in the upper left corner next to the blogger search box.