03 April 2011

New Address


and a new name.  See you around!

An Unexpected Hiatus

I have been busier than usual.  We came back from Costa Rica, Lent started, the boys have been busy with music and sports, and so on.

I was going to post another installment of our trip, but I'm out of storage space for pictures on my blog.  Now I need to decide if I should buy storage space for a "free" blog, or if I should move to another blogging program or something else.  I like my blog because there's a lot of memories here, but I'm also kind of cheap.

What to do, what to do.

08 March 2011

01 March 2011

Hiking in Tropical Rainforest

We may not have known precisely where we were going,
 but we had a good time hiking there.

 Even tired, hungry boys.

When the end is this view, it's easy to keep on going.

25 February 2011

The Second Day

we flew to Drake Bay, to stay at Punta Marenco.
 Wiz is ready for an adventure.
 No one thought Game Boy was weird for drinking coffee at the airport.  (Actually, we live in the PNW.   I think everyone starts drinking coffee in middle school.)
 We flew Nature Air.  All of the airplanes have fabulous paint jobs.
 The view from our cabina.  The Pacific Ocean looks different compared to off the coast of Washington.
 Two, sharp-toothed buzzards sitting in a dead tree were also spotted from our cabin porch.  We didn't do too much the first day except go down to the beach and play in the waves and find seashells.
One of the nice things about the tropics is day and night lengths are pretty uniform.  The sun came up at 6 ish and went down at 6 ish.  It was nice to see a sunset (we don't see that many this time of year due to inversions) when we weren't too tired to enjoy them.

And that is our second day in Costa Rica.

22 February 2011

So, We Went on an Adventure

to Costa Rica--the four of us and The Collar's parents.  Even though we'd flown on a red-eye, we still managed to wander around a bit the first day in San Jose.
 These are Wiz, with the people who stood for freedom.  He's pretty pleased that he wasn't much smaller than them.
 A palm tree under a tropical sun.
 Butterflies in the butterfly garden at the National Museum.
 Another butterfly.
 One of the stone spheres found in the Diquis Delta region.
The diameter of the largest sphere found.  (Wiz is about 4'2" tall.  Okay, yes, I use Wiz for scale.  He doesn't grow as fast as his brother.)

 Can you guess what this is?
A very ornate ceiling for a room we don't usually make ornate.

We didn't do too much that day (red-eye flight, plus one 6'4" tall person + the insomniac, meant no sleep for over 24 hours), but we did see the Mercado, and a few other places, such as the National Museum.  We did much more after we slept a bit.

29 January 2011

The Wiz Has a Hat

        I spent today avoiding real work.
Wiz has been asking for a snowboarder/ear flap hat for his cold ears (his Raynaud's bothers his ears so he wants hats that will cover them), after seeing my hat.  He liked this yarn that was supposed to become mittens or something, so I cast on this morning.  After reading the pattern, I realized that I didn't want to make it the way it was written.  Hats should be knit in the round!  Seams are itchy!  
 So I fudged it.  I did it pretty well, too, and didn't have to rip anything out.  I finished it before he went to bed.  He likes it quite a lot, but wants me to wash it so it's softer.  I think that I can do that.

Game Boy wants one too.  But with shorter strings, please.  I think I can do that too.

(Details for the knitters are found here.)

18 January 2011

Stress Knitting

Last week, Wiz had a hematology check up.  Going to hematology is not favorite activity, and it is especially nerve-wracking when the weather isn't great and I'm driving in interesting road conditions.  (This time, the pass was open on the way over, but one needed 4WD to be allowed to go over. When we reached the hotel, the desk clerk asked me if we'd been delayed by the avalanche control.  We hadn't, and I'm very glad, because that takes a long time.)

Anyway, there's a lot of time involved in seeing the hematologist.  I had not much to do in the hotel, so I knitted.  I knitted a two pairs of mini mittens (the pink and green ones) so I'm getting a head start on Christmas this year.  (I know, but this is better than making them all in November.)

While we were in the waiting room, I worked on the purse socks.  We have about an hour wait after Wiz's blood is drawn before we see Dr. S.  I finally finished these socks, which I started in August.  I only worked on them while waiting, so maybe it took me awhile, but really, I just didn't have enough waiting room time.

 I finally finished my Sitcom Chic, which I can't remember when I started it.  I do still need to get a clasp for it, but everything else is finished.  I'll get better pictures once I am finished with it completely.  

So, yeah, for being stressed out?  I did finish a lot of knitting because that's what I do when I'm stressed out. Silver linings and all that.

04 January 2011

Protecting My Christmas Present

 This year for Christmas, The Collar gave me a Kindle.  I hadn't gotten a cover yet, so I started looking for one.  I found the directions to make one.
 It can stand up on its own--so I can put knitting patterns on it.  Or read while I do other things.  It folds up very small.  This one isn't perfect, but it does work.  Now I can go out and find material that I really like to make one.  (This is left over material from other things.)

Maisie's bored.  Too much knitting and other things going on around here.

02 January 2011

Happy New Year!

from a person wearing a new hat.  (Cast on yesterday, finished yesterday, will be worn tomorrow.)  Davy was sitting on my lap when I used the webcam, so he's in the picture too.

Last year was an interesting one.  It was a mostly good year for us, with one major exception, and even that turned out to be a good thing.  (Wiz's decompression surgery for the Chiari malformation--scary surgery, but so worth it in the end.)

I'm hoping that this year is better for all.  While last year was a good year for us, it was so tough for many.  May it bring more good things for all.