18 January 2011

Stress Knitting

Last week, Wiz had a hematology check up.  Going to hematology is not favorite activity, and it is especially nerve-wracking when the weather isn't great and I'm driving in interesting road conditions.  (This time, the pass was open on the way over, but one needed 4WD to be allowed to go over. When we reached the hotel, the desk clerk asked me if we'd been delayed by the avalanche control.  We hadn't, and I'm very glad, because that takes a long time.)

Anyway, there's a lot of time involved in seeing the hematologist.  I had not much to do in the hotel, so I knitted.  I knitted a two pairs of mini mittens (the pink and green ones) so I'm getting a head start on Christmas this year.  (I know, but this is better than making them all in November.)

While we were in the waiting room, I worked on the purse socks.  We have about an hour wait after Wiz's blood is drawn before we see Dr. S.  I finally finished these socks, which I started in August.  I only worked on them while waiting, so maybe it took me awhile, but really, I just didn't have enough waiting room time.

 I finally finished my Sitcom Chic, which I can't remember when I started it.  I do still need to get a clasp for it, but everything else is finished.  I'll get better pictures once I am finished with it completely.  

So, yeah, for being stressed out?  I did finish a lot of knitting because that's what I do when I'm stressed out. Silver linings and all that.


kristieinbc said...

Wow- can I ever identify with this post! Hopefully Wiz's tests all came out fine. A few years ago I knit a pair of socks in 24 hours when Alexandra was in Children's Hospital. It is a record I hope I never have an opportunity to try to beat.

Kate said...

I knit an extra wide Clapotis while he was in the hospital during and after surgery. I think that's my recored.

I do not wish to surpass that!

kristieinbc said...

I'm impressed. You win!

I wanted to let you know if we ever arrange to meet in Spokane I will bring your family some Kinder Surprise eggs. The whole thing is so ridiculous it makes me want to sneak them across the border just to see if I can get away with it.

elisabeth said...

Not enough waiting room time is a good thing! Let's hear it for slow socks.

wv: stortion. What extortion used to be before it went bad.

Pattie said...

I LOVE the socks... maybe we should do a swap soon-- I make cards when I am stressed! LOL I really want to find a sock loom... but that is another story. The things you knit are gorgeous!!!!

Kate said...

We should do another swap. I'm starting to run low on cards.

Teri said...

I hope Wiz is doing well. As Elizabeth Zimmerman said, “Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises.” Just think, we have a security blanket that can actually create a security blanket!