29 January 2011

The Wiz Has a Hat

        I spent today avoiding real work.
Wiz has been asking for a snowboarder/ear flap hat for his cold ears (his Raynaud's bothers his ears so he wants hats that will cover them), after seeing my hat.  He liked this yarn that was supposed to become mittens or something, so I cast on this morning.  After reading the pattern, I realized that I didn't want to make it the way it was written.  Hats should be knit in the round!  Seams are itchy!  
 So I fudged it.  I did it pretty well, too, and didn't have to rip anything out.  I finished it before he went to bed.  He likes it quite a lot, but wants me to wash it so it's softer.  I think that I can do that.

Game Boy wants one too.  But with shorter strings, please.  I think I can do that too.

(Details for the knitters are found here.)


kristieinbc said...

I am impressed you were able to convert to knitting the hat in the round. I am in Elizabeth Zimmermann's "blind follower" camp myself. :-)

Mimi said...

J has a similar hat and loves it.