22 February 2011

So, We Went on an Adventure

to Costa Rica--the four of us and The Collar's parents.  Even though we'd flown on a red-eye, we still managed to wander around a bit the first day in San Jose.
 These are Wiz, with the people who stood for freedom.  He's pretty pleased that he wasn't much smaller than them.
 A palm tree under a tropical sun.
 Butterflies in the butterfly garden at the National Museum.
 Another butterfly.
 One of the stone spheres found in the Diquis Delta region.
The diameter of the largest sphere found.  (Wiz is about 4'2" tall.  Okay, yes, I use Wiz for scale.  He doesn't grow as fast as his brother.)

 Can you guess what this is?
A very ornate ceiling for a room we don't usually make ornate.

We didn't do too much that day (red-eye flight, plus one 6'4" tall person + the insomniac, meant no sleep for over 24 hours), but we did see the Mercado, and a few other places, such as the National Museum.  We did much more after we slept a bit.


kristieinbc said...

It is nice to see you post again! I was getting worried about you. It sounds like you had a great adventure! I will take a guess at your picture. It looks very much like toilets from ancient Rome that we saw when we were in Italy.

Kate said...

It is the latrines. The boys did not like the lack of privacy at all.

I was busy getting ready to go before we went (finding subs for work and getting everything ready to go was time consuming)so there wasn't much to post.

I'll have more entries through this week and next, I think.