31 October 2007

Happy Halloween!

Even if the Wiz couldn't go out, we could still eat this!

30 October 2007

It couldn't last

The Wiz's stretch of good health, that is.

Since he started having SCIG infusions last fall, the Wiz has been remarkably healthy. He didn't have his usual bronchial infections or anything else.

The record stopped today. Last night, he started coughing, and coughing, and still hasn't quit. He has bronchitis AND croup (how do you get both?!) so no trick-or-treating for him tonight. He probably won't be able to go to our All Hallow's Eve service and party tomorrow, either.

The trick or treating tonight is a rant in itself. Some of the churches around here asked for Halloween to be moved from Wednesday because it's a church night. These same churches are having trunk or treat at their church parking lots TOMORROW night because a.) Halloween is evil!, b.) dressing up and walking to your neighbors house is evil!, c.) and begging for candy on Halloween is evil! However, apparently, dressing up, going to your church parking lot and getting candy without the exercise, is not evil! Whodathunk? And it is so very different from Halloween, too!

He is very cheerful, though. I bought him cupcakes, so he's not too unhappy about any of this. I'm not thrilled, but at least it's him and not Game Boy. That would be a disaster.

28 October 2007


I realized that my last two posts were SCIG related posts. So this one is not!

It's cooler now. So I am cooking warm meals, like big pots of chili. (Tonight, we had a pot roast. The Wiz says he will serve it in his restaurant.)I have also been knitting. Besides finishing a sweater last week for The Wiz, this week I've been working on a hat for my friend P,and finishing Christmas presents socks for Game Boy.
Now I will start a new Christmas present, and finish up the hat. Of course, I'm also doing lots of teaching. But that's okay. Busy is good.

26 October 2007

The Wiz's SCIG Day

Before you ask, The Wiz asked me to blog about getting SCIG. He wanted all of you to know that it's not so bad, and that he doesn't mind it at all. In fact, he says it's worth it.

First off, he says you need to see his leg, before the IG has moved from the syringe into his leg.
This is all of the stuff that we need to set up.I can't take pictures of him while I put in the needle, but here he is, sitting and relaxing to television. The sucker helps him concentrate on something other than the needle.
This picture is a close up of the pump and tubing. He usually doesn't hold the pump, but wanted to for the picture.Finally, here is today's hulk muscle. He's so proud of them. I still think it looks like he has an extra knee up on his thigh.
We put the needle in his thigh because he has slightly more fat there than he does on his stomach. When we put the needle in his stomach, it would leak. This works much better.

22 October 2007

Fall is Here!

SCIG has started. Here's the Wiz's giant hulk muscle.

The Wiz now has a new sweater.Once the hood went on, it seems to fit him better. He really likes it.I know it's not perfect, but he likes it.

19 October 2007

Why I Won't Give Up Driving to Choir Rehearsal

It's the time when Game Boy really opens up to talk to me. (I have two other boys in the car, one of whom is the Wiz, but Game Boy monopolizes the conversation.)

A few weeks ago, he was eating his sack supper and asked, "How many pigeons would it take to lift a restaurant?" Then discussed how he would go about figuring that out.

But last night, he was very talkative. I learned that he eats lunch most days with two other kids who also bring a sack lunch. All of them bring Capri Suns. They have a game with very specific rules with the pouch pictures. Apparently, the pictures can fight eat other, ala pokemon and other card games. (Soccer players are apparently the toughest.)

Who knew?

His friend A has a very active imagination. A apparently has baloney elves. One set apparently has died due to eating ham (don't ask me). His new set doesn't like him and is trying to kill him.

His friend A also came up with a game for recess that is called the Alliance of Evil Monkeys. Game Boy is a Yoda Star Wars Evil Monkey. Another friend is a hobo in training. I have no idea what any of this means.

Game Boy apparently asked a boy in his class if he could call him something besides his name, J. J answered that he could call him potato wedge. So now Game Boy and the rest of the class call him that.

There was more, but I can't remember all of it. Apparently fifth grade is like going to camp. New games, new friends, and weird nicknames for all!

16 October 2007

Hmm, he shrunk?

When I knit Game Boy a sweater, I worry that he'll out grow it before I finish.

When I knit The Collar a sweater, I worry that we'll both hate the color by the time we finish.

When I knit The Wiz a sweater, I worry that he'll shrink?
Um, he shrunk. How did he do that?
I'm knitting him this sweater, using the size 2-4 chest circumference and the size 6 length. I meant it to be a little bit long. However, I didn't mean for it to be big enough for him and a friend. All the pieces measure spot on. Maybe it'll be better once the hood has been knitted.

He shrunk. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! It's still a pretty nice looking sweater.

Medical Stuff: The Wiz's BMB reports are back. His marrow has improved since last year in almost every way, so we're good for another year. Hooray! We all think it's due the the SCIG. I'm glad it did something, besides drive us crazy once a week.

15 October 2007


The Collar is on retreat. That means I'm home alone with the boys.

Confession #1.

We had ham sandwiches for dinner, with chips, and tomato slices. That's it.

Confession #2.

I am soooo relieved that soccer will be over after Sunday. I am tired.

Confession #3.

I have to finish setting up my classes that start Wednesday. I'm almost done.

Confession #4.

I still have to deploy the exam that my class is supposed to start taking on Wednesday.


The Wiz's sweater is being sewn together. Once that's done, I can pick up the stitches to start the hood. I'm getting close to finished.

I'm knitting a pair of socks for Game Boy. He and I wear the same size shoe (that was a fun revelation), so when he outgrows them, I might have another pair of socks. He's not going to get them until Christmas, but I think that he's not going to grow that fast. Usually, the feet grow, then he shoots up.

I haven't worked on either of my shawls for a long time. The sweater needs to be finished, and I'd like to finish more present knitting before I feel comfortable working on things for me.

10 October 2007

A Triptych of Swiffer Covers

I came up with three different Swiffer cover patterns. The first one I knit up on the fly, but the other two I thought a bit more about how I wanted it to look.

Pattern #1.

Yarn: Peaches and Creme cotton dishcloth yarn (you probably will need maybe 1/3 of a ball)
Needle size: US size 6
Gauge: in pattern 21 stitches is approximately 4 inches unwashed.

Stitch pattern (over a multiple of 10+1) Scrubber stitch
Row 1: (RS) k3, p5, *k5, p5; repeat * to last 3 stitches, k3
Row 2: (WS) p3, k5, *p5, k5; repeat * to last 3 stitches, p3
Row 3: same as row 2
Row 4: same as row 1


Cast on 21 stitches.
Knit in pattern for 10 inches.
BO all stitches.

Pick up 20 stitches on one end on right side.
Knit in garter stitch for 2 inches.
BO all stitches.
Repeat for other end.

Fold garter stitch flap WS to WS and sew up sides to make a pocket. Repeat on other end.
Weave in ends.

Patterns 2 & 3.
Yarn: Peaches and Creme cotton dishcloth yarn (you probably will need maybe 1/3 of a ball)
Needle size: US size 6
Gauge: in pattern 20 stitches is approximately 4 inches unwashed.

Waffle Stitch (Divisible by 2)
Row 1: (RS) *k1b, p1, repeat * to end
Row2: *p1b, k1, repeat * to end

Waffle Stitch
Box Stitch (multiple of 4 + 2)
Row 1: (RS) k2 *p2, k2* repeat * to * Box Stitch
Row 2: p2, *k2, p2* repeat *to *
Row 3: repeat row 2
Row 4: repeat row 1

Cast on 20 stitches.
Knit 2 rows of garter stitch.
Knit 12 rows of stockinette.
Knit a turning row. If on ws, knit 1 row. If on rs, purl one row.
Knit 3 rows of stockinette.
If you choose the box stitch pattern, inc. 2 stitches before beginning pattern.
Knit in pattern for 9 inches.
Knit in stockinette for 3 rows.
Knit a turning row.
Knit 12 rows of stockinette.
Knit 2 rows of garter stitch.
BO all stitches.

Fold the stockinette flap at the turning row. Sew up each side to make a pocket. Repeat for other end. Weave in ends.

Note: This will shrink a bit after machine washing and drying. However, it still stretches to fit over the Swiffer head. Mine scrub quite well, and are great for absorbing spills.

09 October 2007

Knights and the Like

Because there are so many pictures, I'm putting up a collage. You can click on it and browse at your leisure (if you care!).

We saw swordsmen and knights, wenches and beggars, and had a generally good time. It was a good way for the boys to spend their Fall Break and to distract their mother from The Wiz's BMB. It was fun to go with Grandma, too! All four of us survived the heat. And now we've had our fix of the Renaissance Era for another year.

08 October 2007

And, we're back!

We had an eventful couple of days. We went to the Renaissance festival on Sunday (I'll write about that tomorrow). Today was the Wiz's annual BMB/BMA. A day he loves but that I do not.

It was a long, long day. We arrived at 9:30 am and left around 5:00 pm. There were a few glitches. He did very well, and only complained about being hungry about 50 million times. He ate his pizza and carrots, played with the Playstation, watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and had blood drawn. He doesn't remember falling asleep, but does remember walking into the room.

We are starting SCIG again as soon as we (the hospital, home health care company, and me) get everything together. It looks like next year we'll be starting in September and going through April. Oh well. (The Wiz told me he wants to be back on IG--he feels better when he is on it.)
His blood was like it always is. Low in some places, high in others.

I finished a good chunk of The Wiz's sleeves. Maybe it will be done by the end of the week!

06 October 2007

I'm not freaking out

The title says it all.

On Monday, The Wiz is having his annual bone marrow biopsy and apiration. This is his 4th one. In some ways, I am appalled that he has already had 4 of these, but in others, I am so very thankful that it has only been 4. (I am also amazed and appalled at how many times he's been under general anesthesia--9 times, so far. He's 6.)

Usually at this point I am a wreck. I always schedule these things for my Fall Break, so that I don't have to try and find a sub for class. I spend the week before it happens on edge. But I am not this year. I'm not too worried about it, even though his last blood counts were off.

He, on the other hand, likes BMB/BMA day. Why? Well, he gets to have popsicles for breakfast. He gets to play with the toys at Hem/Onc all day. The nurses all love him (they are great with all of the kids) and let him have lots of stickers. His description of the biopsy is this:

"I have a blood draw. THOSE hurt. Then they let me take a nice long nap. When I wake up, I have a big bandage on my back and they let me order whatever kind of food I want! I get suckers and stickers and it's fun."

Yes, my kid thinks that bone marrow biopsies are fun.

Anyway, the boys and I are heading up to No. KY this afternoon after Game Boy's game. Tomorrow we will spend at the Renaissance Festival in Oxford, OH. Monday, the Wiz and I will be spending at Children's, while Game Boy gets some spoiling. Game Boy thinks of the Wiz's medical appointments as a treat, since the Wiz tells him how much fun he has. The Wiz is a serious optimist. He really does forget a lot of the bad things that happen. I am grateful that he does so well.

I'll see you all later. Have a great weekend!

04 October 2007

Because it's October

we had bat-shaped meatloaf.

Calabera meatloaf is in our future.

To those who like my Swiffer covers: I'm working on a third one. I have discovered that they do indeed work. : ) Next week, I'll type up the pattern(s) and post it. Theoretically, I'll have more time.

03 October 2007

How to amuse myself when I can't ride my bike

This cold is just a huge PITA (ooh, she almost cussed!). This week has been dizzy spells and coughing fits, neither of which are fun on a bicycle. I've been doing lots of walking, instead. I have to find something to do, and I'm still putting off the finishing touches of the Fall II class.

So I made this:Any guesses yet?I bet you know what it is now! A Swiffer cover that can be used for wet mopping. I did this yesterday afternoon/evening and we haven't tried it out yet. I started another one last night that is all one piece. The first one I knit pretty much completely on the fly. I used garter stitch to make the pockets and something called a scrubber stitch for the scrubbing part of the cover. What I like best about this is that I can throw these in the washing machine, I'm not using paper products, and I might finally use up that cone of Peaches and Creme ombre yarn that I don't like. (I am not sure why I bought that particular color.) So it warms my I'm bored/I'm cheap/I'm trying to use fewer resources parts of me. There is also the aspect that it is a speedy project.I'm working on another one. This one is knit all in one piece. I'm using stockinette for the pocket, with a turning row, and then the long working piece is in waffle stitch. Here's a closeup of that stitch:I'll write up the pattern if anyone wants it. I won't take credit for the idea (Crazy Aunt Purl mentioned someone knitting one on her blog) but I did make up the pattern on my own. It seemed like a great idea to me!