19 October 2007

Why I Won't Give Up Driving to Choir Rehearsal

It's the time when Game Boy really opens up to talk to me. (I have two other boys in the car, one of whom is the Wiz, but Game Boy monopolizes the conversation.)

A few weeks ago, he was eating his sack supper and asked, "How many pigeons would it take to lift a restaurant?" Then discussed how he would go about figuring that out.

But last night, he was very talkative. I learned that he eats lunch most days with two other kids who also bring a sack lunch. All of them bring Capri Suns. They have a game with very specific rules with the pouch pictures. Apparently, the pictures can fight eat other, ala pokemon and other card games. (Soccer players are apparently the toughest.)

Who knew?

His friend A has a very active imagination. A apparently has baloney elves. One set apparently has died due to eating ham (don't ask me). His new set doesn't like him and is trying to kill him.

His friend A also came up with a game for recess that is called the Alliance of Evil Monkeys. Game Boy is a Yoda Star Wars Evil Monkey. Another friend is a hobo in training. I have no idea what any of this means.

Game Boy apparently asked a boy in his class if he could call him something besides his name, J. J answered that he could call him potato wedge. So now Game Boy and the rest of the class call him that.

There was more, but I can't remember all of it. Apparently fifth grade is like going to camp. New games, new friends, and weird nicknames for all!


LCinSunnySoCal.wordpress.com said...

You and me both, Mrs. Mama!

In 5th grade, my dd and a group of 7 of her friends had a whole social order based on these adorable little sock dolls (basically just a ball with a sharpie'd-on face!). They had marriages, births, deaths, lawyers, careers, etc. It was beautiful watching these girls figure out how people did (or didn't!) get along with each other. They continued this for nearly two full years. It was aweseome, and some days I still miss the "Kirbies" (name orignin?..no clue!) I don't miss having to bring every single doll and all his/her paraphanalia on each and ever trip....

Treasure each moment, I guess that's the moral of the story, huh? :)

Kate said...

I wasn't really thinking about a moral, but that works!

It's mostly a reminder to me that even as I whine and complain about driving up to Lex, again!, that it's worth it. I love having these conversations with him. (Well, I listen to a monologue.)