08 October 2007

And, we're back!

We had an eventful couple of days. We went to the Renaissance festival on Sunday (I'll write about that tomorrow). Today was the Wiz's annual BMB/BMA. A day he loves but that I do not.

It was a long, long day. We arrived at 9:30 am and left around 5:00 pm. There were a few glitches. He did very well, and only complained about being hungry about 50 million times. He ate his pizza and carrots, played with the Playstation, watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and had blood drawn. He doesn't remember falling asleep, but does remember walking into the room.

We are starting SCIG again as soon as we (the hospital, home health care company, and me) get everything together. It looks like next year we'll be starting in September and going through April. Oh well. (The Wiz told me he wants to be back on IG--he feels better when he is on it.)
His blood was like it always is. Low in some places, high in others.

I finished a good chunk of The Wiz's sleeves. Maybe it will be done by the end of the week!


LilKnitter said...

I'm praying for you guys.

Mandy said...

Sending my love to the Wiz. He sounds like a fantastic kid.

Kate said...

Thanks for all the thoughts, prayers and love. He's a neat kid. He handles things that I am not sure that I could handle.

We should know what's up soon.