03 October 2007

How to amuse myself when I can't ride my bike

This cold is just a huge PITA (ooh, she almost cussed!). This week has been dizzy spells and coughing fits, neither of which are fun on a bicycle. I've been doing lots of walking, instead. I have to find something to do, and I'm still putting off the finishing touches of the Fall II class.

So I made this:Any guesses yet?I bet you know what it is now! A Swiffer cover that can be used for wet mopping. I did this yesterday afternoon/evening and we haven't tried it out yet. I started another one last night that is all one piece. The first one I knit pretty much completely on the fly. I used garter stitch to make the pockets and something called a scrubber stitch for the scrubbing part of the cover. What I like best about this is that I can throw these in the washing machine, I'm not using paper products, and I might finally use up that cone of Peaches and Creme ombre yarn that I don't like. (I am not sure why I bought that particular color.) So it warms my I'm bored/I'm cheap/I'm trying to use fewer resources parts of me. There is also the aspect that it is a speedy project.I'm working on another one. This one is knit all in one piece. I'm using stockinette for the pocket, with a turning row, and then the long working piece is in waffle stitch. Here's a closeup of that stitch:I'll write up the pattern if anyone wants it. I won't take credit for the idea (Crazy Aunt Purl mentioned someone knitting one on her blog) but I did make up the pattern on my own. It seemed like a great idea to me!


Amanda said...

I want the pattern!! Not only is that more economical, but it's more earth friendly - but not as nasty as dealing with a mop. I love it! I wonder how it would work with my Swiffer WetJet...hmmm.

What a great idea!!

LCinSunnySoCal.wordpress.com said...

I'd LOVE the pattern! I saw that on Aunt Purl's site as well, and want to make a few...and I have plenty of ugly dishcloth yarn!

Feel better soon!

Stariel said...

I'd love the pattern too, I've been thinking about knitting a Swiffer wet cover, but if you've already done all the work it's made it that much easier!