06 October 2007

I'm not freaking out

The title says it all.

On Monday, The Wiz is having his annual bone marrow biopsy and apiration. This is his 4th one. In some ways, I am appalled that he has already had 4 of these, but in others, I am so very thankful that it has only been 4. (I am also amazed and appalled at how many times he's been under general anesthesia--9 times, so far. He's 6.)

Usually at this point I am a wreck. I always schedule these things for my Fall Break, so that I don't have to try and find a sub for class. I spend the week before it happens on edge. But I am not this year. I'm not too worried about it, even though his last blood counts were off.

He, on the other hand, likes BMB/BMA day. Why? Well, he gets to have popsicles for breakfast. He gets to play with the toys at Hem/Onc all day. The nurses all love him (they are great with all of the kids) and let him have lots of stickers. His description of the biopsy is this:

"I have a blood draw. THOSE hurt. Then they let me take a nice long nap. When I wake up, I have a big bandage on my back and they let me order whatever kind of food I want! I get suckers and stickers and it's fun."

Yes, my kid thinks that bone marrow biopsies are fun.

Anyway, the boys and I are heading up to No. KY this afternoon after Game Boy's game. Tomorrow we will spend at the Renaissance Festival in Oxford, OH. Monday, the Wiz and I will be spending at Children's, while Game Boy gets some spoiling. Game Boy thinks of the Wiz's medical appointments as a treat, since the Wiz tells him how much fun he has. The Wiz is a serious optimist. He really does forget a lot of the bad things that happen. I am grateful that he does so well.

I'll see you all later. Have a great weekend!


LCinSunnySoCal.wordpress.com said...

Thank God he thinks they're fun! That alone is worth all the worrying and praying that mommy and daddy do on his behalf.

Best of everything to him..and to mommy and daddy. Hugs...

Dorothy from Kansas said...

I'm glad that the Wiz thinks it's fun. I don't know how even I would be able to cope with all that! He is one hell of a kid! You must be very proud!

Kate said...

I must give kudos to Cincinnati Children's Hospital. They do such an amazing job taking care of the kids and making them feel comfortable.

The Wiz is the type of kid that he does know and remember the stuff that is uncomfortable/painful/sad, but he chooses not to think about them. It's one reason his brother is jealous when the Wiz has appointments.

What a guy!