15 October 2007


The Collar is on retreat. That means I'm home alone with the boys.

Confession #1.

We had ham sandwiches for dinner, with chips, and tomato slices. That's it.

Confession #2.

I am soooo relieved that soccer will be over after Sunday. I am tired.

Confession #3.

I have to finish setting up my classes that start Wednesday. I'm almost done.

Confession #4.

I still have to deploy the exam that my class is supposed to start taking on Wednesday.


The Wiz's sweater is being sewn together. Once that's done, I can pick up the stitches to start the hood. I'm getting close to finished.

I'm knitting a pair of socks for Game Boy. He and I wear the same size shoe (that was a fun revelation), so when he outgrows them, I might have another pair of socks. He's not going to get them until Christmas, but I think that he's not going to grow that fast. Usually, the feet grow, then he shoots up.

I haven't worked on either of my shawls for a long time. The sweater needs to be finished, and I'd like to finish more present knitting before I feel comfortable working on things for me.

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