26 October 2007

The Wiz's SCIG Day

Before you ask, The Wiz asked me to blog about getting SCIG. He wanted all of you to know that it's not so bad, and that he doesn't mind it at all. In fact, he says it's worth it.

First off, he says you need to see his leg, before the IG has moved from the syringe into his leg.
This is all of the stuff that we need to set up.I can't take pictures of him while I put in the needle, but here he is, sitting and relaxing to television. The sucker helps him concentrate on something other than the needle.
This picture is a close up of the pump and tubing. He usually doesn't hold the pump, but wanted to for the picture.Finally, here is today's hulk muscle. He's so proud of them. I still think it looks like he has an extra knee up on his thigh.
We put the needle in his thigh because he has slightly more fat there than he does on his stomach. When we put the needle in his stomach, it would leak. This works much better.


Pattie said...

Thanks for sharing! You know how my boys love to take pictures! ha ha Joseph wanted me to get a picture of him doing his own injection, but I was alone last night and could not hold hte camera and his autoinjector-- he presses the button...I hold the injector and squeeze the skin fo rhim.

LCinSunnySoCal.wordpress.com said...

Oh, good gosh. They really don't give you the details when you apply to be a mom, do they? He's a brave kid, and I think that if I had a spider sweatshirt like his, I could be brave too!

You tell him I appreciate him being willing to share the process with your blog readers. It's always good to have more information on something you previously knew nothing about!