16 October 2007

Hmm, he shrunk?

When I knit Game Boy a sweater, I worry that he'll out grow it before I finish.

When I knit The Collar a sweater, I worry that we'll both hate the color by the time we finish.

When I knit The Wiz a sweater, I worry that he'll shrink?
Um, he shrunk. How did he do that?
I'm knitting him this sweater, using the size 2-4 chest circumference and the size 6 length. I meant it to be a little bit long. However, I didn't mean for it to be big enough for him and a friend. All the pieces measure spot on. Maybe it'll be better once the hood has been knitted.

He shrunk. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! It's still a pretty nice looking sweater.

Medical Stuff: The Wiz's BMB reports are back. His marrow has improved since last year in almost every way, so we're good for another year. Hooray! We all think it's due the the SCIG. I'm glad it did something, besides drive us crazy once a week.

1 comment:

LC said...

EXCELLENT news! Makes the droopy sweater fall into the "who gives a crap" category!

Yay, Wiz!!