29 May 2008

Fac ut vivas*

Two pictures normal people wouldn't take:
A member of Brood XIV. (The Wiz caught it.)
A clean bedroom. The Wiz has a floor! (Game Boy does not.)

*Latin translation for those who don't know: Get a life!

28 May 2008

Why, yes,

I am still alive.

It's just been crazy busy around here.

We went to my brother's wedding in Pittsburgh, PA over Memorial Day weekend. I was able to see several family members. It was a beautiful wedding and a fun reception, even if Game Boy decided he was "in jail." We have some great footage of the Wiz boogieing down. Instead, here he is dancing with his cousin. He's finally taller than her (she's 5). I finally met my newest SIL, who is absolutely lovely, and has a father that looks like ours! Unfortunately, not everyone was able to attend. However, those that did not attend we'll see on Our Great Trek West.

Today, we had someone over to go around our house so she can give us a moving quote. Tomorrow morning at 8:00 am, is the next person. At 2:00 pm, a realtor is coming and helping us get those ducks in a row. Luckily, I have finished a huge chunk of the decluttering. I have finished the family room, playroom, and garage (the big three clutter catchers) and I've finished the Wiz's room, my side of our bedroom, the Collar's side is almost finished, (guess what! space bags actually work as the ads say they do.), and the living room. All that is left is the kitchen, the dining room, and the pit of doom, aka Game Boy's room. I think I see the end of the tunnel. (Don't mention semis or trains, please!)

I have been knitting, but not much. I'm too busy. All knitting has been during times of waiting.

School is out for the boys on Friday. I think this is good.

Time to read to Game Boy. We're reading Peter and the Secret of Rundoon now.

22 May 2008


The boys gave me peony plants two years ago for my birthday or mother's day. Last year, they didn't bloom, because they were nipped when we had our late freeze. This year, they started a bit late, but really took off. We have flowers on them! I love peonies, those big bright ostentatious flowers. Have a peaceful Memorial Day weekend. My brother is getting married Saturday, so we'll be in Pittsburgh this weekend. The boys are pleased, because we are taking them out of class early so we can drive up there.
About the ADHD medication: I'm pretty much okay with it. It's so simple compared to SDS! He seems to be doing better this week (we adjusted the dose) and he thinks he's doing better. I've had enough students with it who work hard and do well. My only worry about it is the weight loss side effect. So far, it hasn't affected his appetite at all, so we shall see.

21 May 2008

Because it's us

things are never terribly easy. There's always more than one thing going on.

Let's recap:

We have to sell this house and get it ready for that.
We have to move to WA, and find some place to live there. (That's really one thing.)
I am going to look at houses all by myself in WA during June. (This is good. I think.)
School has 6 more days for the boys.
We're going to my younger brother's wedding this weekend.
The Wiz has been officially diagnosed with ADHD and we're working on finding medication that will help him. (YES, HE NEEDS IT. I shouted on purpose.)
Game Boy is starting to see the scary parts of moving.
The Wiz is talking about missing all of his doctors.
I'm wondering where all this stuff came from.
My classes are going well, but we're already half way through. How did that happen?
We finished soccer.
Choir is nearly finished.
The donut spare seems to not be calming down this time. If she continues her behavior, I might crate her.
Murfy isn't doing well.
The birds know it's spring.
We're eating fresh radishes and lettuce. Organic, even.

I'm tired. The Collar is tired. The boys are tired. Maybe once school's out...yeah, right. Officially, we are doing NOTHING this summer but move and mini camp because, that's like, easy. Hah.

Tomorrow, I'll write something cheerful, and upbeat. No, I'll just post pictures of peonies. That's even better. :)

19 May 2008

Soccer's Over

I actually took some pictures! For the last two weeks, I have been able to go to both boys games. I took a few pictures of them this past weekend.
The Wiz taking a goal kick.A more typical Wiz shot. Yes, he spends a lot of the game doing just this, or mouthing off to his coach. Next season, he's getting a different coach.
Warm up for Game Boy.Ready for kick off.See ya, gotta beat the competition.

It's been strange the last couple of weeks. A lot of parents have been asking me where Game Boy's going to middle school. When I say that we're moving, it's been a mixed reaction from each person. They're happy that their child won't be playing against him, but not happy he's not going to their school. I never expected this! Hopefully, he'll get to play in WA.

15 May 2008

It Made It

Last fall, the BBFs found a chrysalis in their herbs. They gave it to us, and we put it in our butterfly pavilion.Yesterday, it emerged. It's an eastern black swallowtail. Here are some pictures of it. I took them through the netting, so they aren't the best pictures.

13 May 2008

Before, During, and After

Before: (South bed)
During: (North Bed)After:
North Bed
South Bed

We'll be adding a few annuals to those beds, and adding similar perennials to the north flower bed that are already in the south one, but, we have finished one task.

We're also working on the garage. It's about 2/3 finished at this point, I think. I have a ton of stuff to go to the Salvation Army and to just generally give away. When that's finished, I'll start on the rooms in the house.

I hate getting a house ready to sell.

11 May 2008

10 May 2008

And Now

The Collar is old, too. (My birthday is all of 18 days before his, so he always claims I'm old. Well, now he is too.)

I took the boys shopping for his birthday, to a place that has all kinds of crazy things. The Wiz found a great tin sign for him, from his favorite movie. The picture is untouched. That's a pretty accurate picture of the Wiz.

Game Boy also found an absolutely amazing present for his dad. Can you believe this?A Pigs In Space playset. It came with Miss Piggy, but he'll need to find a Link Hogthrob and a Dr. Strangepork. Isn't it just cool?!?

09 May 2008

Vacation from SCIG

We just finished the last infusion until October(ish).

I'm happy, The Wiz is sort of ambivalent. He says he's glad for no more needles for awhile, but that it does help. (Why can a 7 year old tell? This just breaks my heart.)

08 May 2008

A Sweater for Me

I have been knitting. It's just that there's not much to see, when it's a long piece of fabric. (Or another pair of 2X2 ribbed socks for the Collar, which is also on the needles.) The stitch pattern is a little fussy. (It's a 12 row pattern.) It's an easy pattern to "read" so it isn't too bad. I have passed the point of dividing for the two fronts and the back. I'm actually at the point for neck shaping on the front right piece. I'm almost finished with it, and then I'll go and work on the front left piece. It goes so much more quickly when you are only working on part of the stitches. I like the fabric, quite well. I think it will be nice over my sleeveless dresses this summer.

07 May 2008

Stuff for Wednesday

Today I rode a route on my bike. I went 18 miles. It would have been a great, fast ride if there hadn't been a headwind the ENTIRE way back. As soon as I started for home, the clouds rolled in, the winds picked up, and the wind slowed me down to 10 mph in some places. Hmmph. I still averaged a cool 16 mph. This spring has been odd for cycling--lots of rain. I've only gone 73 miles since the weather started getting nice.

Here are some spring pictures.For some odd reason, the amaryllis Game Boy gave me sprouted again at Christmas. It never bloomed though. It decided to now. There is another bloom opening, and there will be two more after these two. It's a gorgeous amaryllis. The Wiz insisted I blog about it. (They'll often request I blog about things.)
This is the hydrangea that is in our front yard. The number and size of the blossoms this year are utterly amazing. They are so heavy, the limbs are being bent by the weight.

05 May 2008

04 May 2008

Western Pinnacle

We are making sure that we go to all of the places that we want to see in KY while we are still here. Carpe diem!

Last week, we went down to Berea and hiked to the Indian Fort.

We've been to the East Pinnacle before, and last week we went to the Indian Fort, and today we went to the West Pinnacle.The Collar took these pictures. My camera needed batteries. :(

The weather was perfect for a hike. It wasn't too hot, nor too cold. It was clear and beautiful. It was amazing.