29 May 2008

Fac ut vivas*

Two pictures normal people wouldn't take:
A member of Brood XIV. (The Wiz caught it.)
A clean bedroom. The Wiz has a floor! (Game Boy does not.)

*Latin translation for those who don't know: Get a life!


Anonymous said...

Is that the 17 year? We had ours spring/summer 2004, the first in our house in the woods. It was really weird! We're supposed to have a different cicada this year. I wonder if they will be just as ugly.

Kate said...

It is a 17 year cicada. There are a lot of different broods (hence the roman numerals). The 2004 ones were bad up in Cincinnati, but not so much here.

This batch are every place. The boys are having a blast catching them and watching them. Everyone needs something to do!