08 May 2008

A Sweater for Me

I have been knitting. It's just that there's not much to see, when it's a long piece of fabric. (Or another pair of 2X2 ribbed socks for the Collar, which is also on the needles.) The stitch pattern is a little fussy. (It's a 12 row pattern.) It's an easy pattern to "read" so it isn't too bad. I have passed the point of dividing for the two fronts and the back. I'm actually at the point for neck shaping on the front right piece. I'm almost finished with it, and then I'll go and work on the front left piece. It goes so much more quickly when you are only working on part of the stitches. I like the fabric, quite well. I think it will be nice over my sleeveless dresses this summer.

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