28 May 2008

Why, yes,

I am still alive.

It's just been crazy busy around here.

We went to my brother's wedding in Pittsburgh, PA over Memorial Day weekend. I was able to see several family members. It was a beautiful wedding and a fun reception, even if Game Boy decided he was "in jail." We have some great footage of the Wiz boogieing down. Instead, here he is dancing with his cousin. He's finally taller than her (she's 5). I finally met my newest SIL, who is absolutely lovely, and has a father that looks like ours! Unfortunately, not everyone was able to attend. However, those that did not attend we'll see on Our Great Trek West.

Today, we had someone over to go around our house so she can give us a moving quote. Tomorrow morning at 8:00 am, is the next person. At 2:00 pm, a realtor is coming and helping us get those ducks in a row. Luckily, I have finished a huge chunk of the decluttering. I have finished the family room, playroom, and garage (the big three clutter catchers) and I've finished the Wiz's room, my side of our bedroom, the Collar's side is almost finished, (guess what! space bags actually work as the ads say they do.), and the living room. All that is left is the kitchen, the dining room, and the pit of doom, aka Game Boy's room. I think I see the end of the tunnel. (Don't mention semis or trains, please!)

I have been knitting, but not much. I'm too busy. All knitting has been during times of waiting.

School is out for the boys on Friday. I think this is good.

Time to read to Game Boy. We're reading Peter and the Secret of Rundoon now.


Anonymous said...

What a fun weekend it was! I'm still bummed you are moving...Good luck and peace throughout your whole moving process!

LC said...

How exciting! How exhausting! What an adventure.