10 May 2008

And Now

The Collar is old, too. (My birthday is all of 18 days before his, so he always claims I'm old. Well, now he is too.)

I took the boys shopping for his birthday, to a place that has all kinds of crazy things. The Wiz found a great tin sign for him, from his favorite movie. The picture is untouched. That's a pretty accurate picture of the Wiz.

Game Boy also found an absolutely amazing present for his dad. Can you believe this?A Pigs In Space playset. It came with Miss Piggy, but he'll need to find a Link Hogthrob and a Dr. Strangepork. Isn't it just cool?!?


Maggie said...

Oh, that is wicked!! I am super jealous! Looks like the Collar had a good birthday. I hope you had a happy mother's day!

Elizabeth said...

I love Pigs in Space! I confess that I am officially envious of The Collar! Happy Birthday!