07 May 2008

Stuff for Wednesday

Today I rode a route on my bike. I went 18 miles. It would have been a great, fast ride if there hadn't been a headwind the ENTIRE way back. As soon as I started for home, the clouds rolled in, the winds picked up, and the wind slowed me down to 10 mph in some places. Hmmph. I still averaged a cool 16 mph. This spring has been odd for cycling--lots of rain. I've only gone 73 miles since the weather started getting nice.

Here are some spring pictures.For some odd reason, the amaryllis Game Boy gave me sprouted again at Christmas. It never bloomed though. It decided to now. There is another bloom opening, and there will be two more after these two. It's a gorgeous amaryllis. The Wiz insisted I blog about it. (They'll often request I blog about things.)
This is the hydrangea that is in our front yard. The number and size of the blossoms this year are utterly amazing. They are so heavy, the limbs are being bent by the weight.

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