22 May 2008


The boys gave me peony plants two years ago for my birthday or mother's day. Last year, they didn't bloom, because they were nipped when we had our late freeze. This year, they started a bit late, but really took off. We have flowers on them! I love peonies, those big bright ostentatious flowers. Have a peaceful Memorial Day weekend. My brother is getting married Saturday, so we'll be in Pittsburgh this weekend. The boys are pleased, because we are taking them out of class early so we can drive up there.
About the ADHD medication: I'm pretty much okay with it. It's so simple compared to SDS! He seems to be doing better this week (we adjusted the dose) and he thinks he's doing better. I've had enough students with it who work hard and do well. My only worry about it is the weight loss side effect. So far, it hasn't affected his appetite at all, so we shall see.

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Maggie said...

the peonies are beautiful! I wish I had some. Remember when we were kids and mom would pick some and we would give them to our teachers. I always loved walking to school with my peonies wrapped in wet paper towels and foil.