29 November 2006

That's Depressing

Yesterday, I received my "official" radiologist report from my CT scan.

"There is no significant change since the CT scan from September of 2002." He goes on to say that there is thickening of the ethmoid sinus and significant disease. This CT scan was taken just after I finished a round of antibiotics.

What's depressing about that is I had sinus surgery in November of 2002. No change means that the last surgery didn't correct the problem. Or, alternatively, that the problem came right back. Neither is good.

Maybe this one will work? The new ENT (my last one moved to FL) plans on being more aggressive. I won't go into details, but he's going to remove things besides scar tissue. I really hope that this one works. This is the third surgery since 1999.
Happier news:
I ran yesterday for the first time since I developed plantar fasciitis. I managed 1.5 miles running and .75 walking. Not too bad for the first time in over a year.

I also weighed less than I thought. : )

26 November 2006

What I Did Today

Today, I

--took the hospitality snacks to church.

--washed 4 loads of laundry.

--made a pot of chili.

--finished my knitting class homework. See?--turned the heel on the 2nd kilt stocking. I'm at the gusset! The end is near!--tried to deflea our dogs, again. Maisie is a veritable flea factory. Lulu has some, but not as many as I'd think listening to her scratch. Murfy has some, but to get rid of his, I think we'd have to shave him.

--posted here.

What did you do today?

25 November 2006

Turkey and the Domain

We have come up with the best after Thanksgiving tradition (what do you mean we've only done it once so it's not tradition? We're Episcopalians, thankyouverymuch, and one time means we've always done it that way!). Yesterday after lunch, B & I packed up the boys, the dogs, and the leftovers and went to The Cathedral Domain.
Yes, it's November in Kentucky, but our climate is warmer than people think. L's never lived through a real snow storm--ice, yes, but the biggest snow that L has seen was a measly 3 inches. M was 5 months old when he experienced his biggest snow fall of 19 inches. It made it up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit today, and it was lovely yesterday, too. We arrived about 2:30ish and walked to the pond, where Maisie and Lulu ran laps around. Murfy just drank lots of water. The boys skipped stones, and all of us dodged Maisie, who kept falling into the pond. Eventually, Maisie actually leaped into the pond. She looked surprised, but swam back to shore. This was her first experience with the pond. Poor Lulu was lonely for all of the campers. She is used to lots of children around who sneak her treats.

Later, we ate leftover Thanksgiving dinner and had a nice time. The boys really love the Domain. They even love the tiny little cabin we stay in (aka The Palace--the bishops of Lexington used to stay there) and periodically wish that we could live there all the time. I can see why so many people who went there as children have a soft spot in their hearts for it. After it was really dark, we drove out a bit from the main part of the camp to someplace open. We looked at the stars--it's amazing how many there actually are, that you normally can't see (yes, even small Richmond is too bright for good stargazing). Last night the moon was small enough that we could even see the Milky Way--I think that was M's favorite thing to do or see.

This morning, we went for a hike. We hiked out to Wolf Pen (I did not climb up) and then hiked over to the Wind Tunnel. By the time we made it back to the Palace, we'd probably hiked about 5 miles. It was lovely. L made it the whole way. There were as many dogs hiking with us as people (two of the camp dogs came with us). We were probably very loud.

Then we had lunch and came back home. L and M had a birthday party to attend, so we made a quick stop at home and then went back out. Here we are, home at last.

I hope that your weekend was as nice.

23 November 2006

22 November 2006

Medical Updates

SCIG went very well. I'm confident that I can do it by myself next week. L did well and I think that he'll be better next week. His site reaction is going away faster than last week's, too. However, he still gets extremely upset when I try to get the infusion started. Since he has almost no body fat, this gets a bit tricky. He'll get used to it, and it will get easier every time. (Oh, please let it be easier every time!)

I saw the ENT on Monday between my classes. The CT scan results were conclusive--I have a completely blocked sinus and it's going to need draining and opening up. Since the CT scan had been done about 5 days after my last round of antibiotics (I have about 3 I can take), surgery is pretty much it. This surgery is going to be more extensive than the last two. The ENT wanted to know what I want from the surgery. I told him I want to stop hurting. I've had a headache now for months--since last winter, I think. He thought we can take care of that, anyway. It's scheduled for January 3. I chose that date because the boys start school and I won't be going until the next week. I'll be able to teach by then, but I'll still be pretty tired. My teaching schedule is a lot lighter next semester, so I should be all right.
I finished the project M and I collaborated on. He wants to make more. Lulu (the lab) wants me to make more. It was lots of fun.

18 November 2006

Too much

It's been extremely busy around here.

First the good news: M got the solo at school. He is so excited, his choir director at G.S. is excited, we're proud of him, and his grandparents are excited. M's indoor soccer team, which is the same as his outdoor team, has won all three of their games so far. Today they played back-to-back games, with 2 different teams. They played very well and won 7-0 and then 8-0. M scored a goal in the first game and then 2 in the second game. Not too shabby for a defensive player!

Next the okay news: my CT scan will be read before I go to the ENT. That saves a trip.

Then, the I don't know what kind of news this is news: look what came by Fed Ex yesterday. A huge box filled with medical supplies. Lots of them. We have gloves, needles, syringes, IG, alcohol wipes, tape, a backpack, an infusion pump, and our very own sharps container. The nurse will be here on Tuesday afternoon to train me. It seems very self explanatory, but it will be nice to have some training. I keep telling myself that this is all a good thing, that L won't be sick all winter like usual.

Finally, the bad news: someone rear-ended B again. No real damage to the SUV, but there's some damage to the hitch cover. At least this time he won't have to deal with a rental! So, if you are looking for a new car, don't buy a green one. He's had three accidents (none were his fault at all) in this poor thing.

Hopefully, we will have some rest after Tuesday. I know that Thanksgiving is on Thursday and that I'm cooking, but mostly we are going to hang out around home and the Domain. It will be lovely. I hope that things are calmer where you are!

16 November 2006

Post #2

Because blogger is being persnickety:

I'm adding a second post. For some reason, the formatting isn't working so well so I cut out two pictures and some text. It still is a bit messed up.

Anyhoo, I've gotten a few very fast knitted projects finished in the last week, due to the very lovely gift of Mason Dixon Knitting. The baby kimono was one, and I also knit up a ball band wash cloth. One of the neat things about this book, is that there are projects to do with the kids. One of them is to make yarn out of potholder loops. M (with a little help from L) made up this long string, which I wound into a ball:
I've started knitting this to make some kind of rug to get an idea of how big this is, here it is, with my foot for scale. We're not sure where this is going to go, yet, and we might put get more loops to add to the ball to make it bigger. Bigger needles might be faster, but I get tired wrestling with those needles (size 35 , if you are interested).

Secret Pal Package

My wonderful Secret Pal sent me a great package, all the way from the Netherlands! She sent me a great box, which was wrapped in this pumpkin cloth. I did not just open it up (well, I ripped open the box!), but I stopped and took a picture. When I opened it up, I found this:
Autumn Leaf coffee, Dutch licorice whips (with which B absconded immediately) , and some really nice stitch markers. Below is one of them, a butterfly. There are other really nice ones too--there is one with beads and a heart and one with a key.

14 November 2006


Today, L had his first dose of SCIG. I was under the impression that he was going to receive one dose as IVIG, and then we'd switch to SCIG. We lucked out, and he had SCIG today. It only took 2 hours to infuse, so we got to leave at noonish. That was so nice. He didn't have a chance to get bored with the new game boy, so that's a good thing.

He did really well with it. He cooperates so well for any medical procedures. I'd love for him to cooperate that well at school! But, he's a five year old boy who likes to talk. Apparently, he has many important things to say, so being quiet is not in the cards. Back to the topic, he has some localized swelling (which is normal) and is still small enough to only have one infusion site. This means it will be easier for me to learn how do this over the next few weeks. The nice thing about all of this, is that because we are doing it this way, we can just pack it all up and take it with us and go on vacation or whatever. It also means that he'll have a chance to do normal kid stuff--like go to camp and so on. It may even mean that he won't have as many bacterial infections, because if he doesn't catch viral infections, they can't develop into bacterial ones.

Here's a picture of M with his crazy hair for crazy hair day at school.

11 November 2006

Baby stuff

Baby sweaters are great to knit! You finish them so quickly. I knit these sweaters for two different couples at church. One has just had a little girl, the other will be next month. Since I don't usually get to knit things for little girls, I took this opportunity to knit some very girly things.

The yellow and white cotton sweater is the Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono from Mason Dixon Knitting. I made it with the eyelet edges in garter stitch. I cast on Tuesday evening and finished the knitting last night. I didn't spend tons of time knitting it, but I did take it and knit a bit at school. I needed ribbon for the ties, so I wasn't able to finish it up until this morning. Isn't it just precious? It was knit using Peaches-n-Cream dishcloth cotton, so it's nice and washable, too.

The other sweater I knit a while ago. It's the 5 hour baby sweater. It took me longer than five hours, but it's still a fast knit. I think that I finished one on the way down to Pawley's Island (I knit two--one is going to the silent auction of the SDS tea). Not too bad a use of car time.

Now I can get back to working on B's sweater and P's kilt hose. I am almost ready to turn the stocking inside out. I've made it more portable by copying the pattern so I can carry it around with me. Maybe I'll finish it by December. Who knows?

09 November 2006

Lots of news

but none of it's all that exciting. Well, to other people anyway!

M has had a busy week. He sang at Good Shepherd (and did very well), he has tried out for a solo at school (?!?), and he made the academic team. He's pretty stoked!

L has also had a busy week. However, he is not exactly the teacher's favorite. He's more like the badly behaved little boy that it's really really hard not to laugh at when he's naughty. Eventually though, it begins to slowly drive you crazy.

B's been busy with his crazy schedule, although I think mine is probably even weirder. But he took his two days off and shampooed all of the carpet in our house. I am really amazed and pleased that he did that. Our house looks so much better! The carpets still look pretty good, despite dogs and boys!

I've been sick. I finally got tired enough of my constant headache and went in for antibiotics. I'm already finished with them, and the headache is still going strong. Lovely. Today I went for a physical (it's been awhile) and I wound up with two more doctors appointments and a CT scan. (Can you say third sinus surgery? I thought that you could!) Hopefully all the blood work I have had done will be fine.

To the right is a pair of baby sock I knit from left over yarn. I have lots of little bits of yarn that is too much to throw away, but not enough for a pair of socks for someone bigger. Why I decided that I should knit baby socks, I'll never know. I'm not going to have any more babies (no--definitely not!) and I don't know what to do with them. Any ideas? Maybe Ronald McDonald House? Would they need or want them? All of the yarn is superwash wool, so they are machine washable.

I've also started a baby kimono sweater from Mason Dixon Knits. My very lovely spooky secret pal sent the book to me. I hadn't meant to start a new project yet, but there's a baby shower at church on Sunday for 2 different couples and I'd already knit one couple a sweater. This fit the bill just perfectly. There aren't any pictures yet, but there will be soon. I started it yesterday, and I'm already 2/3 finished. It shouldn't be a problem to finish by Sunday. Even with lots of notebook grading.

04 November 2006

Three pairs of socks

All three boys wearing their new "matching" socks. All were knit from the top down, with 2X2 ribbed leg, short row heel, and the usual toe, on size 1 needles. All were knit from the same 2 skeins of yarn, and I probably could knit L another pair from the same yarn. I will never do this again. Knitting the same pattern with the same yarn three times was really boring. Please ignore the dog hair on the floor. I vacuumed this morning (twice actually) but the floors don't stay clean very long. Maybe next spring we can replace the floors down here.

Today we went geocaching, but didn't find anything. Maybe next time.

Tomorrow M is singing in the All Saints concert at Good Shepherd. He's been practicing for this for months. It should go very well.

03 November 2006

Traditional Calaberas

At the annual All Hallow's Eve service/Day of the Dead Celebration/Halloween Party, we made traditional calaberas. Above are a few for your viewing pleasure. We also had the traditional dessert (well, some of us anyway:A good time was had by all.