16 November 2006

Post #2

Because blogger is being persnickety:

I'm adding a second post. For some reason, the formatting isn't working so well so I cut out two pictures and some text. It still is a bit messed up.

Anyhoo, I've gotten a few very fast knitted projects finished in the last week, due to the very lovely gift of Mason Dixon Knitting. The baby kimono was one, and I also knit up a ball band wash cloth. One of the neat things about this book, is that there are projects to do with the kids. One of them is to make yarn out of potholder loops. M (with a little help from L) made up this long string, which I wound into a ball:
I've started knitting this to make some kind of rug to get an idea of how big this is, here it is, with my foot for scale. We're not sure where this is going to go, yet, and we might put get more loops to add to the ball to make it bigger. Bigger needles might be faster, but I get tired wrestling with those needles (size 35 , if you are interested).

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