29 November 2006

That's Depressing

Yesterday, I received my "official" radiologist report from my CT scan.

"There is no significant change since the CT scan from September of 2002." He goes on to say that there is thickening of the ethmoid sinus and significant disease. This CT scan was taken just after I finished a round of antibiotics.

What's depressing about that is I had sinus surgery in November of 2002. No change means that the last surgery didn't correct the problem. Or, alternatively, that the problem came right back. Neither is good.

Maybe this one will work? The new ENT (my last one moved to FL) plans on being more aggressive. I won't go into details, but he's going to remove things besides scar tissue. I really hope that this one works. This is the third surgery since 1999.
Happier news:
I ran yesterday for the first time since I developed plantar fasciitis. I managed 1.5 miles running and .75 walking. Not too bad for the first time in over a year.

I also weighed less than I thought. : )

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