04 November 2006

Three pairs of socks

All three boys wearing their new "matching" socks. All were knit from the top down, with 2X2 ribbed leg, short row heel, and the usual toe, on size 1 needles. All were knit from the same 2 skeins of yarn, and I probably could knit L another pair from the same yarn. I will never do this again. Knitting the same pattern with the same yarn three times was really boring. Please ignore the dog hair on the floor. I vacuumed this morning (twice actually) but the floors don't stay clean very long. Maybe next spring we can replace the floors down here.

Today we went geocaching, but didn't find anything. Maybe next time.

Tomorrow M is singing in the All Saints concert at Good Shepherd. He's been practicing for this for months. It should go very well.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about boring. I'm currently knitting 4 silly samurai hats from Vicki Square's Folk Hats book as a joke for the husband's iado(samurai sword)class. Your carpet looks like mine, dog hair and all!

Anonymous said...

COOOL socks! I am just catching up on your blog...seems like I have been so busy that I have not popped in. Just printed off and mailed several SDA receipts.... so I am working as I read thrugh your blog... I jjst LOVE these socks!

Kate said...

The yarn is great. The socks looks fabulous. It was just boring, boring. It would have been okay if it was the same yarn, different patterns or same pattern, different yarn. But, no, I'm crazy.

I hope the silly samurai hats are going well.