22 November 2006

Medical Updates

SCIG went very well. I'm confident that I can do it by myself next week. L did well and I think that he'll be better next week. His site reaction is going away faster than last week's, too. However, he still gets extremely upset when I try to get the infusion started. Since he has almost no body fat, this gets a bit tricky. He'll get used to it, and it will get easier every time. (Oh, please let it be easier every time!)

I saw the ENT on Monday between my classes. The CT scan results were conclusive--I have a completely blocked sinus and it's going to need draining and opening up. Since the CT scan had been done about 5 days after my last round of antibiotics (I have about 3 I can take), surgery is pretty much it. This surgery is going to be more extensive than the last two. The ENT wanted to know what I want from the surgery. I told him I want to stop hurting. I've had a headache now for months--since last winter, I think. He thought we can take care of that, anyway. It's scheduled for January 3. I chose that date because the boys start school and I won't be going until the next week. I'll be able to teach by then, but I'll still be pretty tired. My teaching schedule is a lot lighter next semester, so I should be all right.
I finished the project M and I collaborated on. He wants to make more. Lulu (the lab) wants me to make more. It was lots of fun.


Anne said...

Wow, the rug looks great! Have you figured out where you're going to put it yet?

If the SCIG is anything like my injections, it will get better. It took a while, and after about the first week I was tired of the whole thing, but after that things took a turn for the better. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it works out that way for L too.

Kate said...

We've put this one in the kitchen--we have a boring white on white kitchen and it needs color. I'm glad that you liked it--M wants to make many more. : )

The pharmacist from the home health company assures me that it will be easier for him every time we do this. I'm just reminding myself that even if he hates it, it is still better for him and he will feel better this winter.