02 June 2008


First, Game Boy has completed elementary school. Friday was the last day for both boys, and it was 5th grade awards, honors, and graduation. Game Boy brought home eight awards. Most of the time it was the same 5 girls and him. :) Fifth grade girls are much taller than the boys especially when they are wearing heels, so we saw why he thinks he's short. He earned two awards that we were really shocked about: he earned second place for AR (accelerated reader) points for his class (he didn't like to read until Percy Jackson in April) and he won the award for Social Studies.

I also completed a laundry bag for Game Boy. (Please ignore his messy, messy closet.) I have also made one for the Wiz, but his was first and has a lot more mistakes. I'll let you see this one.The main fabric is green (of course!) with very happy frogs. The contrasting fabric looks like green frog eggs to me. The inside lining is polka dots. It should hold a pretty good amount of laundry. Maybe I'll be able to go in to their rooms now and just grab the bag. Or maybe not.


Karen said...

My money is on 'not'.

Kate said...

That's a sucker's bet. :D I'm pretty sure that the laundry is still on the floor.

When Game Boy was three, I taught him to put his dirty laundry in the hamper and sort it by color. That went away. Oh, those were the days.