18 June 2008

Too Much

There is all together too much to do.

Grades are due Friday.

We're trying to come to an agreement on the house in WA. There's a major sticking point, so we're pretty concerned. The Collar thinks it will work out. I'm looking at it as I'd rather lose that house and find another rather than have a huge problem that we'd have to deal with to fix the problem. Either way, we'll be okay.

We're working on the house here. The wall paper is almost all off. Painting is easy, so that will be a relief. The bathrooms are done. We have a kitchen floor to do, a porch? to work on, and the front window. Once our stuff is out, I'll clean EVERYTHING.

BBF, male version, has had a serious health issue come up. Now. When we are supposed to move all the way across the country. It truly is not fair to any of us.

On the bright side, the boys are happy and healthy, the dogs missed me, and I have tiny cabbages in the garden. I'm going to lose a few cabbages though, because of some stupid bug that is eating them. I might get broccoli, but then again, who knows?

It's just typical for us. You'd think I'd be used to it all by now. :)

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