23 December 2010

Doing the SP Thing Again

I got a box in the mail.  The very best kind of box--one from a secret pal.
 Everything was wrapped in great penguin wrapping paper.
 There was a slug from Flushed Away for Wiz
 and one for Game Boy.  (A favorite movie of theirs--they used to sing the songs from it in harmony together.)
 Left over yarn bits for more ornaments, including a pattern for wonderful tiny mittens,
 with one even knitted up for me.  (Aren't they adorable?  There's something about small things that are just fabulous.)
 A great hat pattern with the perfect yarn (sorry for the color--it just won't come out properly).  I want to knit it and wear it and call it my own.
And a can of Cincinnati chili, which I put on the table at the Collar's place.  He picked it up, and started drooling.  I think he'll be having it for lunch soon.

All in all, a fabulous package from my Secret Pal, Michelle.  Hopefully my downstream will like her package, too.


Barb said...

You have the handsome-est kids in the world.

That is all.

kristieinbc said...

Those slugs are cute and gross all at the same time!

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas Kate! Maybe 2011 will be the year we can arrange a meet-up in Spokane!

Elisabeth said...

But it's Skyline! How dare he even think of eating it?