31 August 2007

Eccentric Headband

I finished something today. (No, not The Collar's sweater, but it is closer to finished!)

I decided I wanted a headband. On Wednesday, I started one from IK, but it wasn't working for me with the yarn I was using and it was just kind of flimsy. On Thursday, I decided I would try something else. I had leftover navy yarn from my Lutea Lace Shell, so why not?

I started looking at lace patterns, but nothing really leaped out. I looked at cables, but didn't want it to be too big. I finally chose a 10 stitch pattern called Eccentric Cable. The twists are at random places in the cable, you can make it twist either right or left, and so I just kind of winged it. I used i-cord for ties. There are eyelets on the edge and there's a two stitch garter stitch border. The overall shape of the headband. I'm proud of making the eyelets go all the way around the edge!
I should have made it narrower. I have such a small head! But it works, and I'm wearing it right now. A close up of the end. The ends are triangular.
I knit it on size 6 (US) needles, both straight and dpns. I did not use a cable needle, because they always disappear.
This shot shows some of the opposite twist on the cable.

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