31 August 2007

This week I learned

--that I still can't convince the janitors that I am the instructor for the classes that I teach.

--that I am a very kinetic lecturer, even when I've just ridden 5.5 miles to class.

--how to change a bicycle inner tube (hey, I've put how many miles on the bikes before that happened today?).

--that making eccentric cables are fun (I'll just put a twist here! I'll make it go the other way!).

--drivers in Lex are more respectful/zen/aware of bicycles now.

--preparing for dental work for an immune compromised child is just a big PITA.

--that smart kids get to do more fun things at school now then they did when I was a smart kid at school.
Exercise for this week (to keep me honest):
Cycling: 36.71 miles, 2 hours, 46 minutes (4.32 min/mile) <--this includes 3 trips from bike shop to school and back, and 1 cut short ride because I flatted, and walking while pushing said bike with flat tire.
Elliptical trainer/treadmill: 1 hour, 50 minutes, 8.7 miles

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