22 August 2007

It's Still Too Darn Hot!

But I'm getting outside and riding the Dew anyway. The nice thing about my new schedule is that I am able to ride my bicycle from the Bike Shop on MWF. I wind up back at my car by 11:00 am, so it's not too horrible even riding back. I did not, however, ride in on Monday, and I didn't get to ride on the Dolce on Tuesday, because we had nasty thunderstorms both mornings. Yay rain! But why does it always happen when I'm trying to get back on the bike?

I've taught at least once for all of my classes (well, except for the Fall II class--that starts on 17 October and is online). I think it will be a good semester. Two classes are face to face and two are online.

The boys are surviving school. Yesterday we all had dental appointments. Two of us are cavity-free and two have a cavity. Of course, one is The Wiz, so now I need to find out the protocol for dental work. Game Boy's teeth still are coming in straight, so here's to hoping he won't need orthodontia!

I have finished a baby hat and thumbless mittens set for the SDS tea. Currently, they are in the washing machine (I love superwash wool) and will go through the dryer before I take pictures. They are knit in KnitPicks Simple Stripes in Snapdragon. My own pattern, with some help from Ann Budd's Handy Book of Knitting Patterns. I think I keep knitting girly things for SDS because I knit lots of masculine things all of the time.
The hat has a picot hem and I added corkscrews to the top--knit on size 3 dpns. The mittens are your basic mittens, but no thumb gusset, knit on size 1 dpns. I think that I like it.

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Maggie said...

That's adorable. I love the colors. Anytime you want to make something girly, you do have 2 nieces in Atchison. ;)