06 August 2007

Monday Morning

Why are these people so happy?

Because we saw this:
*Click and it will enlarge*

We drove up to Georgetown College to see the Bengals' Training Camp. We saw a lot, and had a great time. Game Boy managed to get one autograph on his friend P's hat (I'm not sure who), but didn't get one for himself. : ( The Wiz wound up with three autographs: #7--Jeff Smith, #56, Edgerton Hartwell, and #86 Daniel Coats. These were on the back of his shirt. We'll be framing it and putting it into the playroom. Fun, fun day.


Pattie said...


Bezzie said...

Hot diggity! I can't *wait* for football season to start again! I'm not really into NFL--more NCAA, but I know how cool this is. The Denver Broncos used to sleep in my dorm in the summers at training camp in college!

Kate said...

We enjoy *watching* football. Lazy Sunday afternoons after The Collar is finished at church are a family ritual.

NCAA isn't my big thing. I am a UK grad, and we are famous for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory when it comes to football!

Pat said...

I have no idea who those Bengals are. I wonder if your husband would care to make a friendly wager when the Bungles, er, Bengals play the Steelers...?