20 August 2007

New Things

Today I'm posting about new things. For instance, I have a new avatar. The Collar took it while we were on vacation. It's my favorite look--geeky cyclist!

It's also a new school year. I have a new schedule. The old one didn't seem to work out. I now have to write/adapt/prepare a syllabus for an 8:00 am class that begins tomorrow. Luckily, I have taught that class before, so I am prepared mostly. I will also be setting up another online class that will begin in October.

My Secret Pal sent me a new package, which arrived just in time to celebrate being back in school.

She sent me a box with some really neat things
yarn, dpns, a pony tail holder (handy to make it look a bit more professional, since I'm riding in 3X a week), a book of short stories,
buttons for my next sweater (as in one I'm going to wear)

and a better shot *my* favorite, a tiny red bicycle. Red is the only proper color for a bike, you know. They go much faster!

Thanks, SP!

In knitting news: I'm working on a dream swatch from left over Bearfoot (the purple yarn that I knit fingerless mittens for my sister and me), and I have a baby hat, one thumbless mitten, and a second one started for the SDS auction. When I'm finished, then I'll give you details and pictures of both of those. The Collar's sweater is still growing.

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boo said...

Red might go fast, but black bikes are stealthy....