23 August 2007

Speed is


I've been riding my bicycle a bit again. Last Wednesday to celebrate Freedom Day (aka the first day of school AND thank goodness my thumb doesn't hurt as much), I rode my Dolce. I only did a "short" ride of 12.5 miles, and I was pretty fast, for my hilly route and the first time since March. (4 minute 11 second miles, thank you very much.) My top speed was downhill at 35 mph or 56 kph was lovely, and fun. I rode in to work part way yesterday, and got up to 26 mph, which also isn't too shabby. (I have managed 23 miles since last week, which is pretty good, considering we've hit 100+ F and we had two days of thunderstorms.)

Little fast projects are also satisfying. I knit up two baby hats (one might be a bit small for most babies) and a pair of thumbless mittens. (A picture was posted on yesterday's blog entry.) Today I finished a Dream Swatch from the leftover Bearfoot Moutain Colors in Lupine. I used up the rest of the ball. Previously I had made two pairs of Fetching from this and thought it was about time I finished it. Why I bought a yarn that was mostly purple, I'll never know, since I don't really like purple!It wound up about 46" in length and is 3" wide. I used size 6 needles, and started it Monday when my fingers were cramping from the size 1 needles and 1X1 ribbing. A pretty fast knit. I can wear it tied around my hair, since I used a pretty thin yarn. I steam blocked it, which helped open up the stitches and flatten it out (mine was pretty curly).

Once it cools off, I can see wearing it pretty often. It does keep my hair out of my face.
Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of your own head?

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