17 September 2006

Sorta Kinda Lazy Sunday

It means that we were able to watch the Bengals game on television and a bunch of Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes. How fun! No soccer games today. (While I did all of this, I folded laundry and vacuumed, too. Not a completely lazy day, but as close as we get right now.)

I made the first batch of chili of the fall today. It was still too hot for chili, but it was good anyway. I made it with ground bison for the first time. We're trying to eat soup/stew on Sundays so that it's easy to make sure B has a hot, not overcooked dinner when he gets back from All Saints on Sunday evenings.

I have finished the leg/cuff of M's sock and started sock leg #2. I'll need it tomorrow so I can knit it while I proctor my students during their exam. I've also started the cuff on the kilt stocking, so I'm getting there. The sweater arms are growing and the fingerless gloves are frogged. (I didn't like the fabric and the needles I need are in a different project. Oh well.)

Three more weeks and it's time for fall break! Hooray. Even better (and sooner!) I get paid in 12 more days.

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