15 September 2006

Ooooh, pretty!

Today, we had some sunshine. Some was the normal kind, so we managed to have soccer practices. I was also able to take a picture of this:
a zinnia from my garden here at home. I also had a few good pictures of the cosmos, which we are probably going to cut down--they have gotten completely weedy and are hiding other flowers in the garden. There are even day lilies blooming again!

The other sunshine came in the mail. My very generous secret pal sent me a gift in two parts, which came today. I'm so lucky--today was a good day to get a present! It is over 1300 yards of Merino Laceweight by Skacel yarn. Italian yarn--and it is just beautiful. Since my very lovely secret pal is not the type to give yarn, but no ideas on what to do with it, she also sent me a lovely book--Folk Shawls, to go with my lovely new yarn. I feel that I need to knit a different shawl first though so I can do the yarn justice! It's a beautiful color--it is red in the sun, and a deep, deep red inside. I love it. Thank you so much, Ril Gania!

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